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Our Story

The three of us (Liz, Meka, and Chelsea) came together in early in 2022. Meka was the matchmaker for all of us. We each had been homeschooling for 8+ years and were trying to figure out how to meet the needs of our now secondary age students. The first time we all officially met was over Zoom and the conversation lasted close to four hours! We spoke of our educational ideals, what we were looking for, and what we lacked. By the end of that conversation ConnectED Co-op was born.

What drew us together was the common belief in the need for a loving community and quality age-appropriate resources for our kids.  We wanted to create a space where both parents and students felt safe enough to be "in medias res" (a literary term where the storytelling begins in the middle rather than the beginning or end.) A place where we could be in process as we learned and grew together. When surrounded by this kind of safety we all free up our precious mental energies to be self-aware, empathetic, good decision-makers, and to grow in the most important ways. Only then can true, deep learning take place.