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Tuition Information

Registration Fees, Tuition, & Supplies


  1. Registration Fees, Tuition, & Supplies

    • Registration Fees Registration fees go towards paying administrative expenses such as website, insurance, program services, software, etc. Registration fees are per class as follows:

  • Tuition Tuition goes towards the Executive Director’s salary, teachers' salaries, supplies, facility rental, etc.  

    • Tuition will be prorated when registering for classes after the 2nd week of the year or semester.  Please contact the Executive Director when registering in order to receive the prorated amount as all fees are due immediately.

  • Supplies - Basic supplies are included in the tuition for each class. Some classes may have additional fees or required textbooks that are not covered by tuition. This will be noted at registration and due by the Final Tuition Due Date (see below) OR due at the time of registration.  

    • Note:  All students are responsible for bringing their own basic supplies such as paper, pencils, 3-ring binder, etc. A list of recommended or required supplies will be provided to parents before the first day of co-op.


  1. Payment Options

    • At time of registration:  To hold a student’s spot in a class, the following fees are due immediately. Not doing so may result in the student being dropped from the class:

      • class registration fees 

      • 20% of all class tuition fees

    • The remaining 80% of tuition and any additional class supply fees, if applicable, can be paid immediately but must be paid by the dates listed below, or the student may be dropped from the class.  Please note that all tuition and fees are due by this date.  Using a 3rd Party Vendor (see Using Third Party Vendor section below) does not give an exemption to this deadline.  (Please see the Payment Plan section below if an exemption is needed.)

  • Payment Plans:  All payment plans are created at the discretion of the ConnectED Board and must be requested in writing by the parent via email to the Executive Director by the Final Tuition Due Date (see above).  Payment plans only apply to the 80% tuition payment. 

  • Forms of Payment Accepted:  

    • Credit Card payments made through the ConnectED website

      1. Note:  Credit card transactions add an additional 3% technology fee to the transaction

    • Personal Check, payable to ConnectED Co-op

      1. Please make note of the student’s name/s

      2. Delivered to the Executive Director on co-op day OR

      3. Mailed to the address listed in the ConnectED Co-op contact information (located on p. 2 of the Family Handbook)

      4. Questions?  Email accounting@connectedco-op.com 


  1. Changing Classes

    • Up until the first Friday of the first week of class, classes can be swapped, and paid fees/tuition can be applied to the new class if there is a seat available.  All changes must be requested in writing via email to the Executive Director.  

    • After the first week of class, classes cannot be dropped for a refund or account credit.  

    • Requests for schedule changes after the first week of class must be submitted in writing to the Executive Director via email and will be approved on a case-by-case basis.  The following will be considered:

      • No refund is required

      • The new teacher has approved the change

    • If you register for a class that does not have enough students to meet our minimum requirements, you will be offered the following options: 

      • Transfer to another available class 

      • Full reimbursement for the class 


  1. Refund Policy

    • Class registration fees and 20% of the total tuition paid at the time of the registration are nonrefundable.

    • The remaining 80% of tuition is nonrefundable after the Final Tuition Due Date (see above for dates). 

    • Any refund request that is an exception to the above-stated refund policy requires approval by a majority vote by the Board and will be reviewed during the next scheduled Board Meeting as listed on the website calendar.  


  1. Using a 3rd Party Vendor for Payment

    • HarmonyED:  Register for classes and pay all fees and tuition by the above-stated deadlines.  HarmonyED will reimburse you. 

    • Leadership Academy of Utah: LAU will cover up to $300 in tuition each semester. (Note: ONLY electives will be covered. LAU will NOT pay for any English, Math, or core Science co-op classes. If you have a question about which classes will be covered and which will not be, please reach out to the Executive Director via email.)  How the process works: 

      • Register for classes and pay all fees and tuition by the above-stated deadlines. 

      • We will bill LAU mid-semester (per their requirements) and they will reimburse us for that class.  

      • Once we are reimbursed by LAU, we will then reimburse you up to the amount received.

    • My Tech High: Classes can be approved through "3rd party vendor" or "custom built".  Register for classes and pay all fees and tuition by the required deadlines.  My Tech High will reimburse you. (Pro tips: For best results in getting approved quickly, submit a link directly to our class catalog page when submitting your schedule.)