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ASL (American Sign Language)

Teacher:  Astor Schow      Age:  MS/HS      Length:  Semester

An introduction to American Sign Language. You will learn letters, numbers, basic grammar, sentence structure, and how to have simple conversations. You will learn how to sign animals, colors, feelings, weather, days of the week, family, and so much more. 

Just Dance - Co-op Edition

Teacher:  Janel Cottle      Age:  MS/HS      Length:  1st Semester

In this class, we will have a lot of fun while gaining confidence on the dance floor.  Students will be learning:

  • Line dancing
  • Square dancing
  • Swing dancing
  • How to dance with a partner
  • How to dance to slow and fast songs
  • How to choreograph your own dances
  • Popular dances
  • Dances from around the world
  • and more!

Everybody can dance!  You just need to move, because if you are moving, you are doing it right!

Oh, Snap! Intro to Digital Photography

Teacher:  Janel Cottle      Age:  MS/HS      Length:  2nd Semester

Do you want to take amazing photos every time without an expensive camera or have to learn complicated editing software? 

This course is designed to use cell phone cameras or simple digital cameras. Rather than focusing on the technical side of a camera, students will be learning how to work with lighting, subject matter, and composition to create professional-looking photographs.

Come join me and snap your way to photography success!

Necessary Drama...Backstage Magic

Teacher: Brie Corrington      Age: MS/HS      Length - 2nd Semester

Costumes, lighting, special effects, sound, sets, and props! In our class, we will turn ordinary objects into theatre magic! We will focus on both the basics of a production team, as well as the joy of utilizing artistic and crafting skills to turn a nice story into a stunning show.  

Necessary Drama...Stage Acting

Teacher: Brie Corrington      Age: MS/HS      Length- 1st Semester 

Acting on stage requires focus, imagination, and teamwork. In the Fall Semester, we will apply all of these skills as we ride through our own 30-minute non-musical production of The Headless Horseman! 


Essay Writing – Being Heard in a Noisy World!

Teacher:  Sheraine Bruce      Age: MS/HS     Length:  Semester

Behind all of those great TED Talks, is a brilliant mind like yours! 

You've got things to say! In this class, you'll learn how to create a well-organized essay that will get noticed. If you choose, you'll get to share it TEDTalk style! 

One challenge for all of us is discovering what we think about important topics, developing those thoughts, and then trying to find a way to share them with others. 

This class provides great solutions to these issues while developing readiness for essay writing throughout life with an outstanding template that simplifies every step of the process.


Makers Market

Teacher:  Katelyn Shaw      Age:  MS/HS      Length:  Full Year

Makers Market will start with just an idea at the beginning of the course and end with an in-person student-organized market filled with student-made goods.

In this class, students will be:

  • Uncovering talents
  • Brainstorming Target Markets
  • Developing Products
  • Branding Creation
  • Digital Marketing Content Creation
  • Event Planning
  • Social Media/Marketing Strategy

Each student will develop their own company and create products to sell at the Makers Market at the end of the year.


Wilderness First Aid– How to Survive on Tic Tacs and Pocket Lint

Teacher:  Sheraine Bruce      Age:  MS/HS    Length:  Semester

Years ago, my son went on a Scouting Adventure for a glorious week in Yellowstone National Park. To say that I was jealous would be an understatement. We packed simply, but he had everything he would need. However, on their last night, while rowing back to camp, high winds kept the kayaks stranded on an Island opposite of the camp. That night the boys slept in bare arms and legs with whatever they had in their pockets. 

This class takes us to that island and provides the basic tools that we could find on the ground around us to survive and treat our needs until help arrives. 

The course is based on Claudia Orgill's Healthy Preparedness- First Aid courses

The course introduces basic first aid skills needed for treating various degrees of bites, stings, and wounds. We’ll review approaches for keeping calm, alleviating pain, and preventing/treating conditions related to weather exposure. We’ll review some major emergency symptoms to watch for and practice ways to isolate/protect patients until medical help arrives.


The American Experience

Teacher:  Jennifer Malczyk      Age:  MS/HS      Length:  Full Year

We are lucky to live in the United States! For the most part, we have peace, prosperity, and a bright future. This course will start with a look into the inspiring and world-changing founding of our country and then walk the almost 250-year path that has led us to where we are today.

To help us dig into what has made our country what it is, we will look into the lives and experiences of different groups of people and individuals from each decade to see their contributions and experiences.

Participating in this course will help students see the inspiring, sometimes ugly, and uniquely American experience that has led us to where we are today.

World History with Projects

Teacher: Crystal Jordan    Age: MS      Length: Full Year

Come travel the globe and through time in this exciting World History class. We will cover,

  1. The Foundations of Modern History: Scientific Revolution, Enlightenment, French Revolution & Napoleon
  2. The Industrial Revolution
  3. Imperialism
  4. WWI
  5. Europe and the USSR 1920-1930
  6. WWII
  7. The Cold War, along with several mini units that fit nicely in between.

Through lectures, projects, escape rooms, and puzzles we'll gain a solid understanding of the world within these major time periods.


Leadership: I Design My Own Future

Teacher:  Douglas Space & Science Foundation  Age:  MS/HS   Length: Semester

"I design my own future. All that I want to become is available to me through: Determination; Goal Setting; Good Study Habits; Pride in my Accomplishments; Service to Others.”

Students will lead out as they dive into these five principles, as well as other core values and characteristics of great leaders. They will participate in activities focused on personal and team growth and service.



Around the World in a School Year - Exploring the Geography, Life, and Cultures on our 7 Continents

Teacher:  Brie Corrington     Age:  MS/HS      Length: Full Year

Planet Earth is full of surprises, let’s go explore them! Through the study of geography, flora and fauna, and native cultures we will learn more about life on our fascinating third rock from the sun. 



Teacher:  Douglas Space & Science Foundation      Age:  MS/HS      Length: Full Year

In this course, students will engage in comprehensive learning and tutoring sessions designed to solidify their understanding of Math concepts corresponding to their skill level. Throughout each week, students will actively delve into their math curriculum while also benefiting from the option to seek guidance in areas where they require extra assistance. We warmly invite parents, urging them to participate alongside their students, enhancing their grasp of the subject and bolstering support within the home environment.

Our approach entails targeted learning, addressing specific math concepts as needed. It's important to note that true mastery of Math demands persistent practice at home. By joining this class, students embark on a journey of empowerment, harnessing self-discipline as they navigate the path to Math proficiency.


The Wonderful Workings of Biology

Teacher:  Kristen DeForest      Age:  HS      Length: Full Year

This class will introduce students to the biological world in a fun and engaging way.  Labs included!

Topics include cells, genetics, anatomy, ecology, evolution, and biological classification and are explored through reading assignments, discussion, independent research, and creative, hands-on labs. Science vocabulary, basic math—an essential tool for all scientists—and unit assessments are also woven throughout the course.  

If you want to learn about everything around you, join this class.  Your mind will be blown by all the cool ways living organisms function.  You are a living organism!

Engineering is My Superpower

Teacher:  Douglas Space & Science Foundation     Age:  MS/HS      Length: Full Year

Students will gain a foundational understanding of the engineering design process, as well as science concepts that feed into engineering principles. Students will be able to answer the question, “What is Engineering?” within a variety of fields of study. Students will work in small and large groups to use the design process to solve real-world, classroom-scale problems. This is a conceptual class.  


Lights...Energy...Action! Physical Science

Teacher:  Brie Corrington      Age:  MS      Length:  Full Year

Learn the ins and outs of the universe! How light, energy, and the laws of motion work. With hands-on labs, we will build and create flying machines, catapults, electric circuits, and more!

Living in Space - Engineering is Out of This World

Teacher:  Douglas Space & Science Foundation      Age:  MS/HS      Length: Full Year

Students will gain a foundational understanding of the engineering design process, as well as science concepts that feed into aerospace engineering principles. Students will be able to answer the question, “What is Engineering?” within a variety of fields of study that are essential to space exploration. Students will work in small and large groups to use the design process to solve real-world (and out-of-this-world), classroom-scale problems. This is a conceptual class. It does not require advanced math or science knowledge.