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Attending HELP is a privilege. HELP provides a quality educational experience, partnering with parents to develop well prepared champions for the faith who impact the world for Jesus Christ. Before one can access registration for classes, your application must be approved. Approval hinges upon the following:

  • A check received from your family in the amount of $325 for the registration fee. Checks can be mailed to : HELP Registration P.O. Box 175, Bakerstown, PA  15007
  • Acknowledgement of our Statement of Faith since this is the worldview from which we educate your children
  • Agreement to our Social Media Policy,
  • Agreement to our Anti-bullying Policy
  • Agreement to our Handbook
  • Agreement to our tuition payment deadlines

In so signing, you are acknowledging/agreeing to our set of values and policies that guide our organization. You are agreeing that you and your children will honor these standards while your children are educated at HELP. If you or your children do not adhere to these policies, the privilege of attending HELP could be revoked.

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