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How do I join PCHS?

Thank you for your interest in the Perry County  Homeschoolers.  In order to become a member, we ask that you take the following steps:

Step One: Click the chalkboard image on the PCHS homepage that says, "Join Perry County Homeschoolers"    or click the following link:    This will direct you to the registration page. Enter the information required in order to activate your on-line account.

Step Two:  Pay your dues by sending your $15 check*** made payable to Perry County Homeschoolers to:  PCHS, 33 Nipple Road, Thompsontown PA 17094 (***This  fee will give you membership in PCHS from now until August 31, 2025).

Step Three: Once your payment is received, you will be sent an approval email. Please allow 24 hours after making your payment for receipt of this approval email. You are then ready to log in via the link on the public home page (arrow with a bracket located in the top right corner of the page).  You determined your own username and password when you filled out your membership request.  Please keep this information current. You will be responsible to update as needed.