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Dues Options

Updated 9-30-2014ns

Before you begin your registration process, you may want to review the payment options.  Once you reach the payment page, you will be asked to make a selection from one of the options listed below: 

  1. Annual Family Membership ($35):  As a member of CHEACC (new or renewing), joining between July 1 and March 31, your dues will be $35 and will expire on September 30 of the following school year.  Once your application (along with payment) has been received, you will be provided a group discount code to use when completing a separate registration with the statewide organization FPEA (Florida Parent Educators Association).  You can get more information on FPEA at www.fpea.com
  2. Partial Membership ($20):  If you are joining CHEACC between April 1 and June 30, your dues will be $20, and will expire on September 30 of the following school year. 
  3. Yearbook Pre-Order ($20): We would like you to pre-order your yearbook(s) so we know how many to print. The pre-order price is $20, a savings of $5! Although there may be a limited number available at the end of the year to purchase for $25, by pre-ordering, you are guaranteed to receive the quantity you want. Don't miss out!.
  4.  HEF Donation:  Lastly, we give our members the opportunity to make a voluntary donation to HEF (Home Education Foundation) in $10 increments.  HEF is instrumental in making sure our rights to home educate our children are protected.  We have a lobbyist in Tallahassee, Brenda Dickinson, who scours any new legislation that may be harmful to home education, and she fights for our rights.  She does not receive a salary, so she needs all the support she can get.  You can get more information on HEF at www.flhef.org.