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Request CHEACC Membership for 2022-23 School Year

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Before membership can be granted, please read and agree to CHEACC's Code of Conduct, Conflict Resolution Policy, and Statement of Faith . 
In order to be approved, your payment must be received before you exit the application process.  

Your family information is only accessible to other CHEACC members.

  •  Enter the family member who will be responsible for the majority of the educating as the "Primary Name" and the spouse's first and last name as the "Secondary Name".


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Payment Instructions

Membership is open to anyone who supports the purpose of CHEACC and signs the existing Statement of Faith and Membership Form.

Registration for each school year begins in July.

  • Annual Family Membership ($45): Memberships must be renewed by August 14 11:59 pm. On August 15, families that have not renewed will be parked and $5 will be added to their membership fee. (If you get parked, it takes longer to renew because you need to send a request, receive a link to pay, send payment, and after it is recorded, the membership director needs to unpark you.)

  • Alumni Membership ($12):  Previous members who are no longer homeschooling can join CHEACC as an alumnus.

  • Late Membership ($30):  If you are joining CHEACC between April 1 and June 30, the cost is $30. Registration for the new school year begins in July.

Please contact the Membership Director if you are in financial need and cannot afford to join CHEACC at this time.

  1. You can pay your CHEACC Membership Dues now or later by clicking on "Balance" in the top right corner of your screen. If you are no longer homeschooling and are registering for an Alumni Membership, the $45 Registration Renewal will be manually removed from your account.

  2. You may also pre-pay for a yearbook at a discounted rate and register a graduating Senior to participate in the May CHEACC Commencement Ceremony by paying the participation fee and using this    LINK    to sign up.

  3. Please consider donating to HEF (Home Education Foundation) to help support our Florida lobbyist, Brenda Dickinson. For more information, visit their website at www.flhef.org.

  4. Use the following link to complete the   CHEACC Survey  .


In order to be approved, please continue with your payment selection(s). When you click "Pay with PayPal" below, you'll be directed to Paypal's secure payment page. CHEACC will not have access to your credit card information. You will have the options to: 

  1. Pre-order a 2022-23 yearbook for the discounted price of $25.
  2. Register a Senior to participate in CHEACC's Commencement Ceremony. The cost is $30.     GRADUATE REGISTRATION LINK   
  3. Please consider donating to HEF (Home Education Foundation) to help support our Florida lobbyist, Brenda Dickinson. For more information regarding HEF, visit their website at www.flhef.org.

Thank you for joining CHEACC and don't forget to complete our  CHEACC Survey  .

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