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PEC 2022 Homeschool Expo!

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August 6, 2022


PBAU Green Complex
1100 S Dixie Hwy
W Palm Beach, FL 33403 US

Additional Information

Saturday, August 6, 2022

 Check-In begins at 9:30am

First session begin at 10:00am


Palm Beach Atlantic University

Greene Complex
1100 S Dixie Hwy
 West Palm Beach, FL 33403

Map to the parking and layout of the university.

The school will be closed, so there should be plenty of parking.

Map of PBA Campus


The Palm Beach County Homeschool Expo is a day filled with information and encouragement for homeschool families or those interested in homeschooling. There will be workshop sessions and a large exhibitor hall.


8:45-Attendee Registration

9:30-3:30-Vendor Hall Hours

10:00-10:50-Session I

11:00-11:50-Session II


12:15-1:05-Session III

1:15-2:05-Session IV

2:15 - 3:05-Session V

3:30-Vendor Hall closes


Speaker Sessions: 
Session I: 10:00
Room         Speaker
Rubin          Carolyn Kost  - Yes, You CAN Continue Homeschooling Through High School!
Hight           Christa Jewett  - Teaching Biblically-Based Science to Your Children
210              Marina Hofman  - Inspiring Children with Positive Models of Women in the Bible
212              Sam Sorbo - Playbook for Home Learning

Session II: 11:00
Room           Speaker
210               Carly Mejeur  - Teaching Art to All Ages
Rubin            Debbie Weaver - Your Voice Deserves to be Heard
Hight             Rick Andreassen  - Encouraging the Heart of a Parent, GOD IS FAITHFUL
212               Sue Puchferran  - All You Need to Know About Elementary & Middle Grades

Session III: 12:15
Room            Speaker
Hight              Brenda MacMenamin  - Teaching His Story (Psalm 78)
Rubin             Jen Reelitz  - Food Forest Education
210                Karen Whiting  - Inspiring Courage in Boys
212                Michelle Howard  - Five-in-a-Row: A Scrumptious Learning Experience for Preschool & Primaries

Session IV: 1:15
Room                 Speaker
210                     Catherine Scantlan  - Civil Air Patrol: Cadet Programs and Aerospace (STEM) Educator Program
Rubin                  Jessica O'Shea  - Teens & Technology
212                     Mike Sonnevedlt  -  Masculinity and Freedom: Why the Attack on Men in America?
Hight                   Sue Trombino - Saving Our Republic Ensuring Liberty

Session V: 2:15
Room                 Speaker
Hight                   Candace Leon - The World's Fight & the Soul's Salvation: the Value of Classical Education
Rubin                  Karen Whiting - Engage Children in Prayer
210                     Mark Sapirie - Mathematical Reasoning in Your Home Education Program
212                     Stacey Jones - FIRST LEGO League Robotics


Speaker Overview: 
Title of Presentation; Teaching His Story (Psalm 78)
Presentation Category: High School Biblical Worldview History & Lit
Overview: How to use the Bible to learn how to successfully raise our children, teach every subject and conquer every
mountain. Restore America’s Biblical Worldview Heritage!
Speaker; Brenda MacMenamin,
Name of Organization; Teaching His Story
Company Website;

Title of Presentation; The World's Fight and the Soul's Salvation: The Value of Classical Education
Presentation Category; Elementary, Middle & High School
Overview; What is the purpose of education? A seemingly simple question, yet it requires much consideration of goals and
worldviews. Let's discuss Classical Education and its importance in our culture's fight for the soul of our children. We will
learn some of the tools of learning that equip us as parents to enter a life-long relationship of learning with our children. We
will provide demonstrations of Classical Conversations’ programs as a model of this approach to education in the
Elementary, Middle and High School years.
Speaker; Candace Leon,
Name of Organization; Classical Conversations
Company Website;

Title of Presentation; How to teach art at home
Presentation Category; All ages- Art
Overview: Feel empowered to teach your own children art after learning how to look at art, how to easily add it to your
present curriculum, and how to advance skills.
Speaker; Carly Mejeur,
Name of Organization; Carly Mejeur Marine Life Art
Company Website;

Title of Presentation; Yes, you CAN continue homeschooling through high school!
Presentation Category; Middle and High School
Overview: How to continue homeschooling through high school and prepare for college or career. Transcripts and portfolios,
dual enrollment, online options, test preparation, college selection, and vocational preparation will be covered.
Speaker; Carolyn Kost,
Name of Organization; East West College Counseling
Company Website;

Title of Presentation; Civil Air Patrol: Cadet Programs and Aerospace (STEM) Educator Program
Presentation Category: K-12 Stem Curriculum for Educators, Program for youth 12-18
Overview: Civil Air Patrol has much to offer Homeschoolers. For youth 12-18 a great Cadet Program for learning leadership,
get introduced to aviation, STEM and much more. For educators, CAP has a great k-12 education program ready to use to
help teach, including access to STEM Kits.
Speaker; Capt. Catherine Scantlan, and SM Thomas Devlin
Name of Organization; Civil Air Patrol
Company Website:, put in local zip to locate

Title of Presentation; Teaching Biblically Based Science to Your Children
Presentation Category; STEM
Overview: Our culture sends a strong message that science and religion contradict each other. However, nothing is
further from the truth. This presentation will explore how all Creation is designed to point us to the Creator (Romans 1:20)
and how parents can incorporate this concept in their science classes. The presentation will review why Creationism is
credible and how to use Creation to build your child's faith in Jesus Christ.
Speaker; Christa Jewett,
Name of Organization; Saltwater Studies
Company Website;

Title of Presentation; Their Voice Deserves to be Heard
Presentation Category; Middle/High School Speech and Debate
Overview: We need communication in all aspects of our lives, whether interviewing for a job or sharing our beliefs or even
offering alternative points of views, in a respectful and compelling style. More than half of the population in the United States
fear public speaking. Speech and Debate helps build character and spiritual development, while teaching research and logic
skills. Give your middle and high school student the training and practice needed to feel comfortable in front of others when
speaking. Their Voice Deserves to be Heard!
Speaker; Debbie Weaver,
Name of Organization; Shield Speech and Debate/NCFCA
Company Website;

Title of Presentation; Enjoying a backyard Food Forest as Education & Horticultural Therapy for people of all ages
Presentation Category; All ages
Overview; How to transform your green space into a low-maintenance, abundant Food Forest while teaching basic
botany and farming methods; science proves that working in the dirt and tending plants is good for our mental, emotional,
and physical health, so let's get growing!
Speaker; Jen Reelitz,
Name of Organization; Food Forest DIY
Company Website;

Title of Presentation; Teens & Technology
Presentation Category; Middle School, High School
Overview: For Jessica, a counselor at a private practice with a teenager herself, this topic is very close to her heart. For
years studies have shown how harmful technology is to our children, especially our teens. Complete isolation from
technology is also not the solution. How do we protect our teens from the negative effects of technology while still raising
them in a technology filled world? Jessica will offer action steps, scripts to use with your teen and how to coach them when
they fail. Teaching teens to manage their technology usage is imperative to a successful adult life when they leave home.
Speaker; Jessica O'Shea,
Name of Organization; CHEC The Center
Company Website;

Title of Presentation; Engage Children in Prayer
Presentation Category; Elementary, Middle School
Overview; Discover how to approach prayer and questions children ask about prayer. If desired, create a faith curriculum around prayer.
Karren will share different ways to pray as a family and activities to explore prayer with children.
Speaker: Karen Whiting,
Name of Organization; Karen Whiting Books
Company Website;

Title of Presentation; Inspiring Courage in Boys
Presentation Category; All ages
Overview: With covid, political correctness, and woke society, boys are sliding down the scale in education and have
increased risk in suicide and depression. Discover ten ways to encourage boys to be brave and more confident.
Speaker; Karen Whiting,
Name of Organization; Karen Whiting Books
Company Website;

Title of Presentation; Inspiring Children with Positive Models of Women in the Bible
Presentation Category; All ages
Overview: Marina Hofman is a professor at Palm Beach Atlantic University, expert on women in the Bible, media guest (with
many nationally syndicated interviews), and president of Moms For America in Palm Beach County. She has a beautiful
testimony of how her little daughter’s life came about, against all odds. Marina will share the inspiring examples of women of
the Bible. They are examples of leadership, courage and overcoming challenges because they stood strong in faith amid
opposition and challenges. As such, they serve as important models for faith and life--for us and our children. Their stories
have value for today and provide practical insights for navigating our challenging times. Marina's message is positive and
affirming, from her award-winning book and video series, “Women in the Bible Small Group Bible Study,” which has been
featured on over 150 radio and podcasts episodes. MEET the Palm Beach County Governor Ron DeSantis campaign
manager, Grace Sandberg! She will tell us about our governor's platform and Casey DeSantis's ONE MILLION MOMS FOR
DESANTIS campaign.
Speaker; Marina Hofman, PhD, & Grace Sandberg
Name of Organization; Moms for America Palm Beach County
Company Website;

Title of Presentation; Mathematical Reasoning in Your Home Education Program
Presentation Category; Elementary and Middle School Math
Overview: This presentation will describe how to implement a discussion-based math program focused on careful reasoning.
We will go over how to develop fundamental mathematical concepts with themes that are also interesting and foundational
for more advanced mathematics. The presentation will also feature examples of our approach in practice from beginning
arithmetic through fractions and geometry.
Speaker; Mark Sapirie,
Name of Organization; Inlet Books
Company Website;

Title of Presentation; Masculinity and Freedom: Why the attack on men in America?
Presentation Category; High School history/civic/apologetics
Overview: People cry "Toxic Masculinity" has ruined America; we cry the opposite. In this session Mike we uncover healthy
masculinity is what establishes freedom and preserves it. Mike will bring you back to the founding of America to show that
masculinity was a powerful trait that helped make America great. He will also expose the attack on men in our culture and the
root and goal of those attacks.
Speaker; Mike Sonnevedlt,
Name of Organization; Self-Evident Ministry
Company Website;

Title of Presentation; Five-in-a-Row: An Absolutely Scrumptious Learning Experience for Preschool and Primaries
Presentation Category; Preschool/Early Elementary
Overview: You may have heard the “Five-in-a-Row” curriculum praised. With more-than-good reason! Come discover why it
is not only a fabulous literary/learning experience for your young children (and super easy for you), but how it will
also—perhaps even more importantly—build a fabulous foundation of “love of learning,” essential to launching your child’s
learning career in the best possible way.
Speaker; Michelle Howard,
Name of Organization; Living Learning Library
Company Website;

Title of Presentation; Playbook for Home Learning
Presentation Category; Learning vs. Schooling
Overview: Although we are all school-injured, we can break free from the shackles of modern education and the arbitrary
demands it has imbedded in parents' psyches. Discover a different vision of home education, a freedom model that opens
the child to grander possibilities instead of constraining him to tests and checked boxes. This session with Education
Freedom Advocate Sam Sorbo will empower you in your journey toward happier parents, smarter kids, and stronger families.
Speaker; Sam Sorbo,
Name of Organization; Underground Education
Company Website;

Title of Presentation; “Encouraging the Heart of a Parent” …GOD IS FAITHFUL
Presentation Category: Encouragement for Homeschool Parents
Overview: This workshop is designed to encourage, inspire, and equip homeschool parents… reminding them “God is
Faithful”!!! Whether you are a First-time Homeschooler or a Seasoned Veteran…this is one workshop you do not want to
miss!! Inspirational Speaker Coach Rick Andreassen has a unique way of encouraging parents~~from the Heart of God to
the Heart of a Parent, about the Heart of a Child!!!! COME AND BE ENCOURAGED!!!
Speaker; Coach Rick Andreassen,
Name of Organization; Saints of Florida Homeschool PE
Company Website;

Title of Presentation; FIRST LEGO League Robotics
Presentation Category; PreK to High School STEAM
Overview: FIRST is the World's Leading Youth-Serving Nonprofit Advancing STEM Education FIRST® inspires young
people to be science and technology leaders and innovators by engaging them in exciting mentor-based programs, that
inspire innovation, and that foster well-rounded life capabilities including self-confidence, communication, and leadership.
Children ages 12 to 18 build competition robots to compete in FIRST Robotics Competition and FIRST Tech Challenge.
FIRST LEGO League introduces science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) to children ages 4-14 through fun,
exciting hands-on learning. FIRST LEGO League participants gain real-world problem-solving experiences through a
guided, global robotics program, helping today’s students and teachers build a better future together. FIRST LEGO
League’s three divisions inspire youth to experiment and grow their critical thinking, engineering, coding and design skills
through hands-on STEM learning and robotics.
Speaker; Stacey Jones,
Name of Organization; FIRST LEGO League and Cox Science Center and Aquarium
Company Website;

Title of Presentation; The Real Science Behind Elementary and Middle School. (Ages 4-12)
Presentation Category; Elementary, Middle School
Overview: Do you want to be a more effective teacher? Join us as we discuss the brain science behind teaching young
children and discover how they really learn. You‘ll be surprised and convicted to learn that the traditional systems have
been doing it wrong. US kindergarteners rank #1 in the world, but by the time they turn 15, they rank 30th. Find out why
and what you can do differently so that your children have every opportunity to finish on top. Come learn the practical, fun,
style of teaching that builds memories, relationships, a love for learning, and prepares children with the future ready skills
they will need for future success. Nothing for sale in this workshop, but lots of paradigm shifting information!
Speaker; Sue Puchferran,
Name of Organization; Home Education Enrichment Day, HEED Adventures
Company Website;,

Title of Presentation; Saving Our Republic Ensuring Liberty
Presentation Category; Middle School, High School, Civic Duty
Overview: Civic Lesson on the importance of getting involved in Saving Our Republic. Sue can help you develop civics
discussion groups for middle, high school ages and beyond. WIN Talks support with free discussion questions to go with the
selected book lists. The goal is to raise up civic duty minded citizens. Learn how to formulate your group to be equipped to
take action.
Speaker; Sue Trombino,
Name of Organization; Women Impacting the Nation
Company Website; Women Impacting the Nation



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