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Membership Documents and Forms

The following forms should be read, signed, and then submitted at time of registration:



Please read these forms carefully since you will be expected to sign these statements prior to approval of membership.  If you are unable to sign these statements, Cornerstone may not be the right fit for you and your family.




A completed registration packet will include:

1.  A check made payable to Cornerstone for the $75 registration fee.  

* Registration fee increases to $100 if submitted after August 1. 


2.  Completed registration forms (Statement of Faith, Student Agreement, Parent Agreement)


3.  Once steps 1 and 2 have been completed and processed, you will then have access to the web site to register online for classes.  


4.  Sign up for Volunteer Duties as well as Board Snack before the end of May.  Anyone not signed up by the end of May will be assigned a time and service.  Please read the descriptions on the site to see requirements.


5.  Final payments are due by August 9, 2021.


5.  Attend the "Back to School Night" TBD


Payment schedule for registration:

Due at registration:  

$75 registration fee (nonrefundable)

* If registering after August 1st, the registration fee is $100.


Due August 9th:

Payment to Cornerstone for your total course fee.


Bring your registration packet to co-op or mail it to:


c/o Beth Wheatley

709 Lee Avenue

Sykesville, MD  21784