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Co-op Registration

Steps for Co-op Registration


  1. Log in to your account at

  2. Under the Co-op tab, Click on the class registration page.  The gray and white chart of classes will appear.   (Or click on the books with the apple)

  3. Choose West Monroe or Monroe Facility and Cleaning fee (depending on which co-op you are attending).  When you click on that class, a list of your family members will appear on the right side of the box.  Click just ONE STUDENT of the family for this class.  Add one “class” of this to your registration. 

  4. Choose Insurance per person for Co-op .  When the names of your family members pop up, Please click on the names of all the students/adults you will bring with you to Co-op.  Every person that is present at Co-op needs to pay the insurance fee.  Click the names, click register.   You will receive an invoice for adult insurance fees. If you are a family who will be bringing more than one adult to Co-op, email that information to Juliann at [email protected] with a subject line of extra adult for insurance. If you are attending both Monroe and West Monroe co-op, you only pay insurance once.

  5. Now it’s time to register your children for classes.  We recommend you do it one child at a time.   Click on the name of the first class you want to register for.  When their name appears on the right side, click to check the box and hit register. Follow that procedure for every class you want that child to register for.  When you have finished that child , proceed to the second student and so forth until all your children are registered. 

  6. If a class states that it is full and your children’s names do not appear on the right hand side of the box, first double check to be sure that it is not a multi-level class.  The class descriptions will state that information and tell you which grade level to click on to register.  If the class IS full of students , please make a second choice for your child at that class period. 

  7. To double check your registration, click the manage class registrations on the top right of the page.  Click on current classes and you will find a list by child of every class for which they were registered.  Be sure that you have a class for each child for every hour that you plan to be at Co-op. -- This is just a double-check.  Your registration is complete if you don't see any problems.  You will receive a notification to pay online by August 11.

  8. If you find a mistake in your registration, perhaps you clicked the wrong class, simply click the button out to the right that says cancel and go down to the bottom of the list and hit the cancel button.  It will remove the mistake.  Return to the matrix and add another class.  

  9. WE WILL NOT BE PAYING ANY MONEY FOR ANY CLASSES OR FEES ON THURSDAY JULY 29.   Please do not try to pay.  At the bottom of the list of classes, there will be a button that says “view statement of account to pay”.  If you click on that, it will allow you to see fees but do not click pay.  There may be schedule changes necessary after registration closes and we want time to finalize those before accepting money.  We will pay all fees on AUGUST 11. 

  10.  If you have questions on registration day, please contact by text or phone, the following Advisory Council members to help you :                       


Alise Wyant  (318-348-2216) 
Dianna Dumas(318-307-7809)

West Monroe

Juliann McCann (318-614-0491) 
Karla Curtis (318-512-2708)