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Why do you have so many policies and rules?

While it may seem that we have many rules and policies, each one has been prayerfully put into place for the general happiness of our group.  Just like the purpose of manners is to make the other person comfortable, the purpose of rules in a group helps everyone to know what is expected of them and reduces any potential friction.

You are expected to review the Rules and Behavior Guidelines with your child(ren) as a reminder before attending any PHC events. Please remember that  your family is a representative for homeschooling and while you are in the public eye, you may be the only example of homeschooling "they" see.  Romans 12:17b  says "Be careful to do what is right in the eyes of everyone."

We do expect our members to be self-governing in responsibilities. Please remember that our group is run by homeschooling moms who volunteer and take time away from their family for your benefit.  Keep this in mind so that in all of your dealings you will be attentive to details, prompt and courteous therefore not causing any additional work.