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Areas of Service Needed

Do not use your freedom to indulge the flesh ; rather, serve one another humbly in love. Galatians 5:13


Meeting Set Up – On the date of the monthly meeting, join the leadership team for one hour at 6:00pm to prepare the room for the evening event. 

Meeting Clean Up – Assist the leadership team by staying after the monthly meeting for clean up and aid in returning supplies to the homeschool closet.

Meeting Sign In Hostess – This is an important job as it is the first face our members see. These volunteers must greet members with a smile as they enter, encourage them to sign in and make a name tag, and hand out volunteer appreciation raffle tickets.

New Member Welcome Team – Volunteers must be members of PHC for at least one year before serving on this team. You will be making welcome phone calls to our new members and act as a new member advocate at our monthly meetings.  This will involve a friendly greeting, making sure they know where the registrations are, and introducing them to other members of the group.

Yearbook Team – These volunteers need to be creative and enjoy working with digital pictures.  We are looking for photographers and/or someone to design digital pages for our yearbook.  You must own Microsoft Publisher or Adobe Photoshop and are willing to commit to deadlines during the month of May and June.  

Snack for PHC Meeting - The sweetest part of meeting night is the fellowship afterwards and fellowship is always better when you have a munchie in your hand.  If you like to cook (or shop), we need ladies willing to provide a snack for two or more meetings throughout the year.

Pre-K Activities- This volunteer must organize fun activities for preschoolers.  Be aware that families often have children of multiple ages, so allow for that when planning any activities or field trips. 

Middle School/High School Fun Nights – This age group is busy but love to socialize. Sign up here if you have an idea for a fun activity this age group will enjoy.  Be warned that if you volunteer to help in this area, you must be very easy going and flexible with late sign ups and last minute cancellations. 

Coordinate a Field Trip – Is there a field trip that you always wish your family could go on?  Well, now is your chance to organize that trip and reap the benefits of a group discount rate. This volunteer will contact the facility for details and booking arrangements, promote to group through email, newsletter, and monthly meeting, collect and distribute any fees, be present at the field trip and ensure our members follow the field trip rules and guidelines. We do require a follow up report for our records to help with future field trips.

Event Organizer – This volunteer takes the lead in organizing the event, so strong organizational skills are required.  We love fresh new ideas, but you do not have to feel alone as we have volunteers from previous years to offer guidance.  You will always have a team of helpers so you must be able to delegate. Must promote event to group through email, newsletter and monthly meeting. We do require a follow up report for our records to help next year’s volunteer.

Event Helper – This volunteer is the right hand to the Event Organizer and assists in whatever needs to be accomplished. 

Event Programs and Certificates – This volunteer loves to work on the computer designing and printing programs and/or certificates for each of our PHC events.

Website Link Checker - This volunteer will work from their home computer under the direction of the website administrator checking for broken links, spelling errors, and outdated information. 

HEF Fundraiser -  Brenda Dickinson of HEF is our homeschool advocate in Tallahassee and she works diligently to protect homeschooling rights and opportunities.  Our charitable donations are her only means of support.  This volunteer will help with fundraising efforts for Home Education Foundation (HEF) throughout the year. Solicit donations for and encourage participation in, and help with organization of the HEF silent auction/bake sale.