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Frequently Asked Questions...


Q: What are the various levels of involvement you offer?  What is required of me if my kids take classes?

A: At Tapestry, the commitment level is completely up to you.  We desire each person to do only what the Lord has for them to do.  Since only you can know what kind of commitment level is best for your family, we encourage you to seek the Lord for His leading & follow it closely.  For some, the Lord may lead to pursue membership by teaching a class one hour & helping another hour each semester.  For others, it may be to be a guest with no service commitments required whatsoever.  Other guests are led to help with light service commitments.  We are happy for you to do whichever is God’s lead as we know His lead is best.

Should you feel led to be more involved, you are welcome to serve via some of our light duties if you’d like (class helper, lunchtime supervisor, etc.), but you are not obligated to do so.  Some guests stay & help while others don’t stay or help at all.  We recognize that there are seasons in life & are happy to have you in whatever capacity works best for your family during this season you are in.  For our members, the commitments are outlined below under “If I became a member, what would I have to do?”


Q: If this is my first time coming to Tapestry, would I be a member or a guest?
A: A guest.


Q: How does a guest become a member?
A: To become a member, we ask that our guests both teach one hour & help one hour for free for two consecutive semesters before becoming eligible for membership. Guest fees are waived during the hour a guest is teaching & a helper discount still applies for the hour they are helping. 

We require this 2 consecutive semesters of service so that our guests can get a feel for the group & the group can get a feel for the newcomer to make sure it will be a good fit for all before any further commitment is made. After that, if it seems to be a good fit, then it’s just a matter of seeing if a membership space is open. (Right now our membership openings are limited so you might be put on a waiting list, depending on the age of your kids.)


Q: If I became a member, what would I have to do?
A: Members currently serve 2 hours every semester - one teaching (or some other significant capacity approved by the Tapestry board) & one helping. Like guests, members pay a $10 per semester administrative fee.  Members also help with lunchtime supervision (typically once a semester), & pitch in voluntarily wherever else is needed as they are available. We desire to keep co-op as a helpful tool & not a burdensome master. (We know that homeschooling is a huge responsibility in & of itself!) So we really try hard to keep everybody’s load manageable & as light as possible.


Q: What are the benefits of a Tapestry membership?
A: There are many benefits to membership, such as:

Priority status for...

    o    Class enrollment
    o    Event registration


Financial savings in the form of...
    o    Lower fees
            o    No per student, per class guest fees
            o    Lower administrative fees when fundraising efforts have made possible
    o    Eligibility for discounts
            o    Administrative fee discounts when fundraising efforts have made possible
            o    Event Discounts


Opportunities to...
    o    Impact kids & teens for eternity through teaching & other service opportunities
    o    Have input in group decision-making, class planning, & ministry events

An ongoing, supportive relationship with a local group of caring, Christian homeschoolers.



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