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Frequently Asked Questions...


Q: What are the various levels of involvement you offer?  What is required of me if my kids take classes?

A: At Tapestry, we understand each family has different needs and seasons in their lives.  We desire each person to do only what the Lord has for them to do.  We seek to be a blessing, not a burden, to your homeschool program.  With a group our size, it takes many people to make a co-op day happen.  All Tapestry guests are required to serve a minimum of one hour as part of the co-op day (with the exception of families that are enrolling only high school students).  Any guests registering a K4-2nd grader are required to serve a 2 hour minimum each co-op day.  We welcome any guests to serve more hours to lower their fees.  If you have a concern about serving at Tapestry, please reach out to us to discuss it with us.

For our members, the commitments are outlined below under “If I became a member, what would I have to do?”


Q: If this is my first time coming to Tapestry, would I be a member or a guest?
A: A guest.


Q: How does a guest become a member?
A: To become a member, we ask that our guests both teach one hour & help one hour for free for two consecutive semesters before becoming eligible for membership. Guest fees are waived during the hour a guest is teaching & a helper discount still applies for the hour they are helping. 

We require this 2 consecutive semesters of service so that our guests can get a feel for the group & the group can get a feel for the newcomer to make sure it will be a good fit for all before any further commitment is made. After that, if it seems to be a good fit, then it’s just a matter of seeing if a membership space is open. (Right now our membership openings are limited so you might be put on a waiting list, depending on the age of your kids.)


Q: If I became a member, what would I have to do?
A: Members currently serve 2 hours every semester - one teaching (or some other significant capacity approved by the Tapestry board) & one helping. Like guests, members pay a $10 per semester administrative fee.  Members also help with lunchtime supervision (typically once a semester), & pitch in voluntarily wherever else is needed as they are available. We desire to keep co-op as a helpful tool & not a burdensome master. (We know that homeschooling is a huge responsibility in & of itself!) So we really try hard to keep everybody’s load manageable & as light as possible.


Q: What are the benefits of a Tapestry membership?
A: There are many benefits to membership, such as:

Priority status for...

    o    Class enrollment
    o    Event registration


Financial savings in the form of...
    o    Lower fees
            o    No per student, per class guest fees
            o    Lower administrative fees when fundraising efforts have made possible
    o    Eligibility for discounts
            o    Administrative fee discounts when fundraising efforts have made possible
            o    Event Discounts


Opportunities to...
    o    Impact kids & teens for eternity through teaching & other service opportunities
    o    Have input in group decision-making, class planning, & ministry events

An ongoing, supportive relationship with a local group of caring, Christian homeschoolers.



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