Tapestry of Friends Christian Homeschool Network Tapestry of Friends Christian Homeschool Network Tapestry of Friends Christian Homeschool Network

Our History

Though not initially called by the same name, Tapestry of Friends Christian Homeschool Network (or “Tapestry” for short) began back in 2001 as two small groups of local, Christian, home-educating families gathered together regularly for physical education activities & park play days, eventually merging into one.

Encouraged by our gathering, it didn’t take long for conversations to turn to assembling for academic classes together.  Many of our parents had professional backgrounds or unique life skills that could be passed on.  Each was able to bring their own strengths to compliment the others' areas of need.  And so our weekly co-op class sessions began, first with just our own parents teaching but then expanding to also bring in other guest teachers for their areas of expertise.

Eventually, we wanted to provide more enrichment opportunities to our group families & to the local homeschool community at large.  So we began hosting occasional events, like Mike Snavely's Creation seminars, interactive ventures on Christ in the Jewish feasts, Purity workshops, a Homeschooling Through High School equipping event, & free Technology seminars to expose & train our families to various technology options. 

Tapestry continued to grow & in 2008 we became incorporated.  To keep up with the growing needs of our group, this website was established in 2011.  Three years later, Tapestry became recognized as an official, charitable 501c3 corporation in 2014.

Today we are a board-led, volunteer-run organization that currently offers weekly academic & enrichment classes for grades K4-12, provides other homeschool-supportive services to local families, sponsors periodic community events, & continues to explore ways to minister to others both locally & globally for Jesus Christ. 

We started as a group of friends supporting one another, enjoying one another, encouraging one another, & that is the atmosphere we have sought to maintain all of these many years later as our circle of friends & services that we offer has largely expanded.

We are grateful to God for the years of fruitfulness He has provided & for the men & women who serve alongside of us, weaving their hearts & hands with ours for the glory of God and the building up of those at Tapestry.