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Mr. Cliff Zeller To All Instructors

Cliff Zeller holds a Bachelor’s degree in History and a Master’s in Bible with a proficiency in Greek from Bob Jones University. He lives on a small farm in Berks County, where he keeps a herd of fainting goats as well as numerous other critters. This will be his ninth year teaching science and math courses at Cornerstone.

Current Classes
Biology (12:30pm class) 2023-2024 – Instructor (closed)
Biology (9am class) 2023-2024 – Instructor (closed)
Environmental Science 2023-2024 11:00am – Instructor (closed)
General Science 2023-2024 10:00am – (closed)
Biology (11:00am class) 2024-2025 – Instructor (open)
Biology (12:30pm class) 2024-2025 – Instructor (open)
Environmental Science 2024-2025 9:00am – Instructor (open)
General Science 2024-2025 10:00am – (open)