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Mr. Mark Campbell To All Instructors

Mark Campbell has Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Civil Engineering and is registered as a Professional Engineer in the states of Pennsylvania, California, and New Jersey. He has experience teaching students at many age levels and frequently makes presentations to governmental decision-makers regarding planned development projects. He often teaches classes integrating faith and science.

Current Classes
Chemistry 2023-2024 – (closed)
Chemistry Lab 2023-2024 (26 Weeks) – (closed)
MUS Pre-Calc 2023-2024 12:30pm – (closed)
Physical Science 2023-2024 10:00am – Instructor (closed)
Physics 2023-2024 11:00am – Instructor (closed)
Space Exploration 2023-2024 1:30pm – Instructor (closed)
Chemistry 2024-2025 9:00am – (open)
Chemistry Lab 2024-2025 8:00am – (open)
Electronics & Magnetism FALL 2024-2025 11:00am – Instructor (open)
Introduction to Computer Science FALL 2024-2025 12:30pm – (open)
Physical Science 2024-2025 10:00am – Instructor (open)
Physics 2024-2025 1:30pm – Instructor (open)
Computer Applications SPRING 2024-2025 11:00am – Instructor (open)
Introduction to Computer Programming SPRING 2024-2025 12:30pm – (open)