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SCCHE Activities

Policies and Guidelines Related to Activities

Back-to-School Workshop

Purpose:  To provide information, encouragement, and support to new and veteran homeschooling families.

Description: This workshop is a day packed with various sessions to meet the differing needs and challenges that homeschool families encounter.  Hear from experienced homeschoolers and interact with informative panel discussions,  meet new friends, and share tips and techniques. Some topics to be covered are, home organization, curricula, lesson planning, record keeping and much, much more.

Target group:  All SCCHE parents and visitors are welcome to attend and participate.

Schedule:  Mid-September

Guidelines:  There is no on-site childcare, and we ask that all children, but nursing babies, stay at home.  This event is open to non-SCCHE members.  An opportunity to join SCCHE will be offered at this event.  A fee is charged which includes a light breakfast and lunch.

Career Fair

Purpose:  To provide an opportunity for students to interact with representatives of various careers, in order to better define a career path suited to them.

Description: Representatives of 20-30 different career fields come together to share insight about their jobs. They share: info about daily activities, education necessary, school or class suggestions, talents or hobbies predisposed to choosing their field, responses to any other questions the student may have. Discussion is one on one, with representatives each at their own table placed around the meeting room.

Target group:  High school and motivated junior high age students.

Guidelines:  Students should come prepared with questions for the representatives. Example questions include: How would I know I'm suited to this kind of job? What duties do you have? What classes should I take to prepare for this career now? What summer jobs might help me prepare?

Family Fun Day

Purpose: To provide opportunities for SCCHE families to fellowship with one other.

Description:  One or two family-oriented events will be planned yearly.

Target group:  Only SCCHE member families.

Guidelines:  Participating families must register for these events and follow the general field trip guidelines.

Field Trips

Purpose: To plan and implement quality, educational field trips.

Description:  Members will determine where they want to go and share in the planning and leadership of the field trips. Both older and younger SCCHE students' needs should be met during the course of the year.

Target group:  Only SCCHE members

  • Come to the planning meeting with field trip ideas.
  • Be willing to plan and implement one field trip during the year.
  • Agree to adhere to the SCCHE social functions guidelines found in this handbook.

High School Student Council

Purpose: A council of high school students committed to the encouragement of spiritual and social growth among the high school students of SCCHE by planning social and service activities that glorify and reflect Jesus Christ.

Description: To plan and provide social and service opportunities for the SCCHE student body.

Target group:  High school aged students who are members of SCCHE.

  • Parents must be members of SCCHE
  • Qualifications for election to office must be met

HMNS Science Classes

Purpose:  To increase our children’s interest and understanding of science.

Description: Houston Museum of Natural Science - Explore science and nature in our interactive science labs featuring Museum specimens, artifacts and laboratory equipment. Students examine ancient objects, investigate technology, meet live animals and conduct scientific experiments in five different, themed labs. Each lab lasts one hour. There is a cost for each class.

Target group:  1st – 8th grade SCCHE members only (one dissection class offered for 6th - 12th grade students)

Schedule:  Classes meet 6 or 7 times throughout the year from September through May.

Guidelines:  A parent or responsible adult must oversee all participating children.

Note: Registration for homeschool classes at the George Observatory are now done on an individual basis. For information, visit the HMNS website at

Introduction to Homeschooling / Outside Class Preview

Purpose:  To gather information about the various outside classes offered for homeschooling students and to provide basic information to those new to Home Schooling.

Description: Various tutors, Co-Ops, and outside classes will offer information about their services to homeschool families. This is also an opportunity for new homeschoolers or parents that are interested in homeschooling to receive basic information about homeschooling such as: What is homeschooling? Is homeschooling legal in Texas? What about socialization? Am I qualified to teach my own child? What is the Father's role in homeschooling? Where do I obtain my teaching materials? What is a homeschool support group and what are the benefits of joining one? Questions are welcome.

Target group: SCCHE members, visitors and Parents new to Home Schooling.

Guidelines: Visitors are welcome to attend.


Mix and Mingle (M & M)

Purpose:  To encourage and further develop relationships between homeschooling families.

Description:  A variety of informal discussions to communicate practical ideas and helps for homeschoolers. Please send discussion ideas to the director.

Target group:  All SCCHE parents and visitors are welcome to attend and participate.

Schedule:   Meetings are planned monthly.

  • On-site childcare is provided.
  • Non-members of SCCHE are welcome to participate.
  • Opportunity for non-members to join at this event.

Park Day

Purpose:  To provide an unstructured, relaxed environment for families to fellowship with one another.

Description:  An afternoon of simple, unstructured fun at a local park with the opportunity to get to know other homeschooling families.  The park is usually equipped with soccer fields, toddler play area, covered pavilion, restrooms, etc.  Bring your own games and sports equipment.

Target group:   SCCHE members, but visitors are welcome to participate.

Guidelines:  Parents are NOT ALLOWED to DROP off their children; however, parents can bring children other than their own through pre-arranged details.

Parents’ Orientation Meeting

Purpose:  To familiarize new members with the programs and activities of SCCHE, to explain policy and procedures for the upcoming school year and to provide an opportunity to join SCCHE and sign up for many of the programs that are to be offered.

Description:  The SCCHE Executive Council will review highlights of the upcoming school year, and membership renewals and new member applications will be accepted. Also, tables will be set up to share information and sign-up opportunities will be available for various activities and programs.

Target group:  All SCCHE parents and visitors are encouraged to attend and participate.

Schedule:  The meeting is held in late July or early August each year.

Guidelines:  NO childcare is provided, so please leave all children except nursing babies at home.  Non-members are welcome to participate.  An opportunity to join SCCHE is offered at this event.

Picture Days

Purpose:  To take individual pictures for the yearbook and to provide members with the opportunity to have professional portraits taken of their children and/or family. Group portraits will be offered.

Description:  Several different portrait packages are available. Packages are ordered and paid for at the time of the sitting. Students can bring a personal prop for the portrait (optional).

Target group:  All SCCHE members and affiliated groups.

Spelling Bee

Purpose:  To provide opportunity for students to compete in the SCCHE Houston PBS Spelling Bee.

Description:  The SCCHE Spelling Bee winner in January will proceed to the SETHSA Houston PBS Spelling Bee in February. The SETHSA winner will then compete in the Houston city-wide Bee.  On the same day as our SCCHE Bee, we will also hold a Just for Fun Bee for 1st-3rd grade students.  These winners will compete with other 1st-3rd graders at the SETHSA level only.

Target group:  Only SCCHE members in 1st-8th grade.

Standardized Testing

SCCHE will not provide the Stanford Achievement Testing in a group setting this year. 

Bob Jones University Press also offers information on both the Stanford and IOWA Achievement Test. Contact BJUP at  or 1-800-845-5731.

S.T.A.R. (Shared Talents and Resources)

Purpose:  The goal of S.T.A.R. is to provide special classes for the students of  SCCHE families that will help meet the social and extracurricular needs of the students.

Description:  Students meet one afternoon per week, for eight consecutive weeks. Each student is enrolled in 3 one-hour classes for the session (students ages 5-6 participate in a special STAR program, in the same location during the same time). The classes offered may vary, based upon the interests and resources of the parent volunteer teachers.

Target group:  Only SCCHE members 5 years or older.

Guidelines:  At least one parent in each participating family must volunteer and serve within the STAR program.  A reasonably strict dress code and behavior ethic is enforced.  Parents and students must sign an agreement to abide by the regulations/discipline guidelines and dress code set for STAR.

Used Curriculum Sale 

Purpose:   For SCCHE members to sell their used homeschooling materials.

Description: This is a time set aside for SCCHE members to sell used curriculum.

Target group:   Only SCCHE members may sell, but all SCCHE members and visitors are invited to come and purchase.

Guidelines: Only SCCHE members will be able to sell their used homeschooling materials, but all interested buyers may attend.

SCCHE Yearbook

Purpose:  To provide SCCHE with a beautiful, quality remembrance of the school year in yearbook form.

Description:  Yearbook with individual portraits of each child as well as high school events, field trips, STAR, park day, co-ops, outclasses, bible studies, literature clubs, and other fun things that depict home schooling.

Target group: All SCCHE students and families

Schedule: Throughout the school year participants should take pictures and should submit them to the yearbook staff with captions. After compilation and printing, the yearbook will be available in the Fall.

Guidelines: SCCHE Members take pictures to share with others through the yearbook. Families order and pay for yearbooks in advance.