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Wings Homeschool Group
in Maple Grove, MN
Giving Our Children Wings!
Mission Statement:  Wings Homeschool Group exists to provide an academic and social time for both parents and children in a Christian environment. We offer support and fellowship for parents while children engage in sharing and learning experiences.

Thank you for considering a donation to Wings, a 501c3 charitable organization.  You will receive a receipt via email from Paypal for your tax purposes.  

CORONAVIRUS Situation Information:  Wings Homeschool Group Classes are nearly filled, and we are anticipate classes continuing to be held largely "as usual."  We have a set of "back up" class dates to utilize if any fall dates have to be cancelled.  We will NOT be doing classes online/zoom/other - - we are structuring payments to deal with cancelled classes IF we have any.  COVID PLAN has been sent out to families. We are closely following the MDH guidelines and honoring exemptions as required by law through the ADA. Please contact our coordinator for more information.


UPDATE:   ages 7-14 classes are NEARLY FULL 

We can usually add students throughout the year - Please inquire if interested.

OTHER QUESTIONS?  Please email  the Coordinator at Coordinator4Wings@gmail.com.

Wings dates

Fall Semester 2020

Spring Semester 2021

Sept 17

January 21

October 1, 15, 29

February  4, 18

November 5, 19

March 4, 18

(Back-Up Date: Dec. 10)       

April 1, 15   (Back-Up Date: April 29)