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  • Registrar:  Holly Jenson at, 763-204-1682
  • Director:  Jill Schwarz at, 612-636-8955




NURSERY (6 months thru 2 years) IS PENDING FULL

(There are a handful of spots available in each of the upper three age groups)

We recommend all families who desire a spot for one or more children go ahead and fill out the paperwork, and send that in along with the registration fee.  Your fee does not get deposited unless we have space for your kids that you accept (at which time, registration fee is non-refundable).  For the younger ages, we can sometimes expand the classrooms by adding more tutors, and will be discussing this option in July.  


CLICK HERE FOR MN ANNUAL REPORTING FORM (Due Oct 1 for all students age 7 by Oct 1 - see file for more info)

Looking for Homeschool Classes for your Kids?

Every homeschool family is beautifully unique! And every homeschool co-op has its own unique qualities, too! Wings is a FULL YEAR 501c3 non-profit, a Christian environment and meets on Thursdays twice a month, from 1:00-4:00 pm, in Maple Grove. We have classes for ages 6 months to 14 years (age Sept 1). While you're searching for the right group for your family, consider what makes Wings different from other co-ops in the area!

1. Drop-off Classes. After signing your kids into their classes with kind, attentive, loving tutors and helpers, you have 3 hours for running errands, getting some work done, grabbing groceries, or taking some alone time at a coffee shop. We know all homeschool moms need a break! You can rest assured that your students are getting energy-filled instruction in a loving environment while you take time to re-charge.

2. Classes have NO homework. Our classes (art, gym and STEM) are enrichment classes and they will fit with whatever you are doing at home. While tutors may encourage extra exploration of a topic at home, nothing is "required" which means you can focus on your own curriculum, or use the class topic as a launching point for more discovery at home, but you'll have NO stress about getting extra homework done at home.

3. NO prep. NO teaching. Wings is unique because we provide paid tutors who teach all our classes. This means tuition may be higher than other co-ops, but it also means that you do not have to prepare class material or be the main instructor. All parents are asked to volunteer for 1 history class and 1-2 art class(es) during the entire year. This is a great chance to view the class in action and you'll just be an extra set of hands for the tutor, should they need papers passed out or white boards cleaned off.

4. Allergy-sensitive. We take great care in making sure our students are safe when they are at Wings. We give our members a list of snacks that are "safe" for our students who have moderate to severe allergies/sensitivities.

5. Convenient location! Wings meets in Maple Grove, conveniently located off 94 W and Maple Grove Parkway, with Target, Walmart, Sam's Club, Starbucks and Caribou nearby. Easy to get to from Plymouth, Osseo, Brooklyn Park, Plymouth, Corcoran, Rogers, and other surrounding areas. 

6. Exciting and Engaging classes! Our tutors are hand-picked and are simply outstanding! Class sizes are limited, so students are able to get personal attention and can learn in the way that is best for them! 

*Our STEM class provides opportunities each week to solve problems in teams and compete while learning about various concepts in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.  

*Our Art class this year:  Oil pastel is a fantastic medium for transitioning young artists from black and white to color. Lessons will use both oil pastel and pencil to cover fine arts concepts such as color, blending, light and shadow, perspective and dimension, and layering and composition. Class is fun and upbeat, and students apply everything they learn immediately into their work.

*Our Gym class consists of fun activities (like dodgeball, basketball, capture the football, soccer) as well as learning important skills such as sportsmanship, attitude, leadership, and more. Whether your student is extremely athletic or dreads sports, our tutor makes this class enjoyable for all!

*Younger students (ages 3-6) spend most their time in their classroom, with their tutors and helpers. Our classrooms are bright and fun, and perfect for our youngest students. Hands-on learning includes story time, crafts, engaging instruction, playtime, storytime, and snack time.  Preschoolers have large-motor activities in their classroom, and 5/6 class kids have phy-ed with our gym tutor.

*Ages 3-4 explore the "Letter of the Day," or "Creation" in 2 year rotation and at the end of year, all that has been learned can be added to a binder to create a beautiful keepsake!  They also learn to report on the weather, experience simple science projects, share "show and tell" items, do art/craft projects and have fun with their classmates and tutors!

*Ages 5-6 classes - specifics for the coming year TBA, but will include phy-ed, music, and art as well as other engaging and fun opportunities.  

7. Yearbooks. At the end of the year, all students have the option to purchase a bright, colorful yearbook to remember their adventures in homeschooling! The yearbook is completely optional, but it's a great addition to your memory box! Parents submit the pictures and information they want included, and Wings compiles all the pages into a beautifully bound and professionally printed book!

8. Mom Support. Every fall, we host a special Moms' Tea for moms to connect and hear from the tutors. It's a beautiful way to kick off the school year and an unforgettable event!

9. Field trips! Throughout the year, we will have opportunities for field trips as a group. These are totally optional, parent-initiated, and a lot of fun!

10. Affordable! We work very hard to keep our prices as affordable as possible. You can expect to spend about $275 per student per school year. This averages out to less than $22 per week, per child. Families can split payments in half: half due in August (including all of the supply fees), and the second half of tuition due in November. All enrollments are for the full year.  For exact class prices, just request more information below!

Think Wings might be a good fit for your family?

For more information and more details, please contact us!  

  • Registrar:  Holly Jenson at (763-204-1682)
  • Director:  Jill Schwarz at (612-636-8955)

Ready to join?  In addition to contacting Holly, please do this:  Request Membership by clicking on the upper right corner "join" of this page.  Fill in all info and write down the password you choose for easier access later.  Thanks!

Registration opens in May every year and classes begin in September!

Wings dates for 2018-19 

Fall Semester -

Sept 6 and 20

October 4 and 18

November 1 and 15

Back up date – Dec 6

Spring Semester -

Jan 17 and 31

February 7 and 21

March 7 and 21

April 4

Back up date - April 18