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General CHSA Policies

Board Nominations:  CHSA board candidates may be nominated during the 30-day nomination period of the particular sport (Basketball in March/April, Golf in June/July, or Volleyball in October/November).  Nominations for President, Secretary, and Treasurer may be made by any CHSA member in good standing with a child in the CHSA program.  Sport-specific nominations may be made by any CHSA member in good standing with a child involved in that particular sport within the CHSA program.  Make sure the candidate is willing to accept the responsibilities of the position before their name is submitted for nomination.  New candidates are voted in by the current board.  If two candidates are nominated for one position, they may come before the board to explain why they would like to take on the responsibility of that position.  Only one candidate of the two will be chosen by vote of the attending board to fill the single position with the associated responsibilities and duties.    


Eligibility Rules:  

  • Participant must be no older than 18 as of September 1 of the current season.  If participant turns 19 on or before September 1, he/she is ineligible.
  • Participant must receive at least 50 percent of his/her educational courses in a home environment under the instruction of his/her parent(s) or legal guardian(s). (For students taking dual credit classes, consider adding extra classes at home in order to maintain compliance)
  • Participant must not have graduated from high school.
  • Participant must maintain at least a 2.0 GPA (on a 4-point scale) during the active season.


National Tournament:  There will be a team meeting/devotion every day of the week at a predetermined location.  The devotions may be given by coaches, players, or parents, but will likely need to be assigned prior to travel.  Topics may be the same as used during practices or completely new. Please juggle rides with other families as needed to facilitate these meetings, but they are an important part of the events.  If you are staying at a location other than the team hotel, the only time your child may be left at the team hotel without you being on the premises is for team meetings.  You will need to be with them at the team hotel at all other times; we cannot have players who are not registered at the hotel present in the meeting room or lobby without an adult. 



Picture Day:  For CHSA team photos, no spray painted hair or excessive jewelry. Players should not stand out as being different from their team. No individual awards for team photos. Individual awards may be worn during individual photos. Coaches may bring current season trophies for team photos.   


Registration:  We require that each player and at least one parent attend. If you have more than one child playing, then both parents should come so that each player has a parent at their individual team meeting.


Travel and hotel guidelines: 

1.  While out of the Houston area for tournaments, players are not to drive anywhere on their own.  If a player is driving, one of their parents must be in the car and no other player from another family may be in the car.   
2.  Be very quiet while in the hotel hallways - other people are staying there as well, and there should not be any running or yelling in the building.
3.  Please dress appropriately when out of your room at the hotel.  No pajamas, house shoes, etc. in the lobby or breakfast area.  This is a place of business with other guests; let us show respect to everyone.
4.  Listen to your coaches as to when your curfew is, whether he will allow you in the pool or hot tub, when to be at the games, and whether or not he wants you drinking sodas or eating sweets.  
5.  No girls in boys rooms or girls in boys rooms.  Yes, this means that families with sons and daughters playing can have no other players in their rooms.  
Please be ready to represent your team and CHSA with your best efforts and great sportsmanship.


Summer Camps and Activities:  CHSA does not pay for activities outside the normal sport season. Parents and coaches are responsible for organizing and paying for their own rentals and fees in the off season. Camp or clinic fees received for a camp or clinic put on by coaches outside the normal sport season may be used for camp costs, coaches fees, or contributions to CHSA. The use of fees is determined by the coach organizing the camp or clinic.