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Co-op 2021 Interest Survey

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We are looking forward to our Fall Co-op classes!  Filling out this survey will help us as we set up the schedule and designate classrooms for specific age groups.  

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Are you currently a member of Parents ETC?

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Are you interested in participating in Fall Co-op classes?

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If you are not currently a member of Parents ETC, we would love to have you join us!  Membership information can be found on the website home page.  Please know that you will need to join in as a PETC member before August 16, 2021, in order to participate in Fall Co-op classes.


What age or grade level is your student?  Please choose as many as apply for your family.

Nursery 2-3 years old
PreK-Kindergarten 1st-2nd
3rd-4th 5th-6th
7th-8th 9th-12th