bapac bay area performing arts co-op

How to Register

(Print this page for your reference during registration.)

1. Once you have completed the interview process, been approved by the Board, and have paid your registration fee, click the Join button at the top of our website.  After you have set up a username and password for an account, log in to see the member-only side.  Select the Class Registration option from the Our Classes menu after you login. 

  • You will know when your payment has gone through and you have been marked PAID in the system when your student's name appears in the lower right hand corner of a selected class. It can take up to 24 hours after you make payment for your family to be given registration access.

  • To assess the insurance fee, select the "INSURANCE FEE - 2 Members ($18)" class for your oldest child.  This covers your oldest child and 1 adult.  Use the "INSURANCE FEE - 1 Member ($9)" class for all remaining family members that will attend co-op.  Note:  This is a separate fee that is not included in the Family Max.

  • Add the Smart Music fee to each musician playing in band, strings, or guitar. This is a separate fee that is not included in the Family Max.

  • Register for desired classes for ALL your children by clicking on the class and then selecting the student for that class.  Click the REGISTER button! All class tuition fees apply to the Family Max.

2. Once you’ve selected all registration items, please review your selection by clicking on VIEW CLASS REGISTRATION SUMMARY on the top right area of the page. Please double-check that all children are registered for all class periods.

  • Please watch for age requirements on classes.  Ages are determined as of the first day of classes for the whole year.  Students do not move up in classes at the semester change.


Payment Instructions:

The remaining balance will be due by the Parent Meeting in August.  You will be emailed an invoice with a final balance including credits if applicable.

There are several ways to pay. Please see the Make a Payment page on the member-side of our website.


Make sure you have completed the following before the Parent Meeting: 

  • Please complete the background check for a $18.95 fee that must be done every 2 years.  This is a separate fee from tuition and is not included in the Family Max.  There is a link on the website homepage to do your background check. 

Thank you!