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Schedule of Fees

March – July


Non-refundable registration deposit* ($100-$150); returning families registering in April $100, new and returning registering in May $125, registering on or after June 1st $150.




August, Parent Meeting


Tuition* (Family Max $400-$450, includes registration deposit & tuition, but Smart Music and Insurnace are in addition to the Family Max; classes range from $5-$50)



Smart Music ($12/musician – guitar, strings, & band) - not included in Family Max



Insurance ($9/person) - not included in Family Max



Background check ($16.95 /adults on campus, every other year) - not included in Family Max




August, 1st Day of Class


Instrument rental ($20/month at coop, varies elsewhere)



Music stand, varies $15-$60 (suggested: On-Stage SM7122BB Compact Folding Sheet Music Stand with Bag)



Reeds – monthly (varies depending on instrument)



Spit rags, cleaning supplies, swabs






Spring deposit*, $50 due end of November




January, Parent Meeting


Tuition* (Family Max $400-$450, less November deposit)









Can be purchased in the Fall or Spring ($12/shirt)

Pizza at Dress Rehearsal


$1/slice, we offer gluten-free for same price

Region Band Auditions


$25 / band musician, late November for high school and January for middle school

Solo / Ensemble Contests


$12 each solo and $9/per person for each member of an ensemble, occurs in the Spring

Mom’s Night Out






*Items included in Family Max of $400-450