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Prospective Member Questionnaire

* indicates a required answer.

After filling out this form, you will be contacted by a Board Member to schedule an interview if it is during Registration Season. Please note that the Board will be on summer break for the month of June.

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How did you hear about us?

2. *

Do you go to church somewhere?

3. *

What did you do before homeschooling your children?

4. *

How long have you homeschooled?

5. *

What are your children's names and their ages/grades?

6. *

Do any of your children have special needs?  If yes, please explain.

7. *

Is your husband supportive of homeschooling and/or the decision to join a co-op?  Is he interested in participating?

8. *

Are there any specific classes you are interested in or the whole thing?

9. *

Do you have a full size piano or keyboard at home?  If you plan to sign up for a class requiring an instrument, are you prepared to rent/buy an instrument?


Do you have middle school or later experience in any of the following?

 (1 required)
Singing/Choir Played instruments
Visual arts exp/drama/theater Ballet/dance
Read music Nursery
PE None of the Above

If you have a college degree, what discipline is it in?

12. *

What class(es) would you be willing to teach?

13. *

What age/grade kids would you like to work with or like NOT to work with?


Do you understand the commitment requirement to BAPAC?


Do you understand our discipline and homework policy?


Do you understand the fees and when they are due?  (Registration fee (non-refundable), insurance, tuition, background check)

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Parent Email

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Parent Name (First and Last)

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Parent Phone

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