South Orange County Christian hOmeschoolers (SOCCO) South Orange County Christian hOmeschoolers (SOCCO) South Orange County Christian hOmeschoolers (SOCCO) South Orange County Christian hOmeschoolers (SOCCO) South Orange County Christian hOmeschoolers (SOCCO) South Orange County Christian hOmeschoolers (SOCCO)

Opportunities to Serve in SOCCO

SOCCO's leadership board consists of coordinators and advisors who have committed to lead SOCCO throughout the year and are all volunteers. We desire each member family to serve under one of these coordinators in the area that fits them best. The Coordinators Chart and the Volunteer Job Descriptions are published each year on the website. Members will be asked to select 3 possible jobs and 1 will be assigned to them. In the spirit of Acts 4:32 please prayerfully consider how you can best contribute to SOCCO with their God given talents, time, resources and gifts. We understand that there are many choices of how your time can be spent so we appreciate you considering how you can help support SOCCO. There is no offer to help that is too small and all volunteers are greatly appreciated.


Following is a description of the coordinators:


Administrative Coordinator

The Administrative Coordinator(AC) acts as the first point of reference for outside inquiries in to the group regarding membership and other matters. The AC will also work with the board to make sure the interests of the group are being met and that we are striving to meet our goal of supporting those who choose private, Biblical homeschooling along with making sure our policies and procedures are updated and used. The AC also supervises the Special Projects Club (SPC). SPC serves our community in various ways including planning & leading family events and service projects.


Family Support Coordinator

The Family Support Coordinators schedules occasional activities for mom’s to be a time of refreshment, fellowship, encouragement and/or idea sharing. They also plan family activities a few times a year. They are available to offer resources and guidance to individuals, if desired.


Park Days & Classes Coordinator

The Park Days & Classes Coordinator oversees and facilitates the scheduling of classes and park days.


Field Trip & Events Coordinator

The Field Trips & Events Coordinator plans regular field trips & events throughout the year that incorporates various areas of learning for multiple ages. These activities create greater opportunities for fun, fellowship, and learning about our Lord and His Creation. Any member who would like to plan a field trip or event should gain board approval through the field trips & events coordinator then be prepared to plan and lead the event.


Service Opportunity Coordinator

The Service Opportunity Coordinator plans service opportunities throughout the year that encourages the members of the group to serve in multiple area and support missionaries in our community.