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What does HEdFEx Cost

What Does HEdFEx Cost? 


Covers co-op overhead costs such as: rent, insurance, and the website 

Membership fees for the school year are: 

  • Early Bird Discounted Price: $60.00 for full-year, if paid within one week after  the Spring open house. 
  • $90.00 full-year membership 
  • $45.00 if joining after fall semester 

    May-Term only option for non-members: May Term is the only term you may take classes at HEdFEx without becoming a member. A $10 registration fee applies in  addition to tuition. 



  • You pay tuition for each class your family takes. This includes a nominal surcharge  that goes to HEdFEx, but primarily goes to pay our teachers.  
  • Tuition varies by class, depending on instructor fees and any materials costs. See the  Class Descriptions for specifics. 
  • Quantity Credit: A family taking more than 6 classes (not including May Term) will be  eligible for a $10.00 per class credit for the 7th and additional classes. For additional  information see our Payment and Refund policy.