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Room Parent

  • The most common and often the most fun volunteer job. Room parents are assigned/choose a class to assist. 
  • Find the clipboard for your assigned class, take attendance, and escort the students to the classroom.
  • Act as a second set of hands/eyes for the teacher, help with cleaning up, walking children to bathrooms and escort them back down stairs.
  • Be familiar with the emergency procedures (on the clipboard) and be able to help assist students in case of emergency.
  • Room parents must be present in the classroom.

  • Room parents observe classes for disruptive behavior and notify leadership, either by using the incident report form on our website or by email.  This includes but limited to: teasing, bullying, unwelcome help or hands on their work or person, refusing to follow directions, excessive need of teacher or room parent time, or anything that you would want to know about if it was your child.

Positions still open

Contact hedfexmembership@gmail.com