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Volunteer Information

Volunteers are a vital part of our homeschool ministry. One of our primary goals is to provide opportunities for biblical community with other homeschooled families, creating support and encouragement for our members.

This community happens during our class time and in the extracurricular events we plan. These events are volunteer-run and would not be possible otherwise! Field trips, grade-level meetups, parties, and service opportunities are just some of the functions we hope to put on our calendar this year.

In addition, volunteers allow us to follow the safety protocols our church and ministry have implemented to keep our students and instructors safe while on campus. As our paid staff teaches our classes, volunteers watch our halls and bathrooms.

We hope this helps our new and returning families understand the importance of fulfilling their volunteer requirements for the year. We only ask each family to serve three volunteer spots for the year. If you have elementary students, please sign up on that day; if you have middle/high school students, sign up for that day. If you have both, please sign up for one of each. Understandably, our most significant need is on our class day, as those outnumber other events.

Therefore, we will fill our class day volunteer spots before opening the additional volunteer opportunities. We must ensure all our class days have the necessary hands to run smoothly.

We require each family to serve twice as a Class Day volunteer. The other required volunteer spot can be in another area of your choosing.

If you are new to our group and unsure of the volunteer options, please see the handbook under the enrichment class tab. There is a brief description of each position in the volunteer section.

Registration for volunteers is also on our home page, accessed by clicking on the volunteer box mid-page. From there, you will be prompted to select your dates for Class Day volunteer.

All that we do is designed to serve you and glorify the Lord. I am so thankful for this group and excited to see what this year brings!


Angela Parker and the Homeschool Ministry Team