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Classroom Assistants

Classroom Assistant with Biltmore Homeschool Ministry 


Job Description:

There are many reasons we hire assistants for our elementary classrooms. We want our teachers to feel supported and equipped to care for the students registered for their classes. It is important for them to be able to focus on what is most important in their classroom setting. An assistant goes a long way in
achieving that goal for our group.

Assistants are hired to help with all Preschool-5th grade classrooms. There are typically 12 students per class. While an assistant is not required for any lesson planning, they are needed to assist the teacher with anything that is needed. This includes, but is not limited to: bathroom runs, classroom management, hands-on work with the students, assisting with art projects, cutting, coloring, reading or listening to students read. 

In addition, our church and ministry feels strongly about making sure our students, as well as our staff, are safe while in the classroom. To ensure that, our policy is that there are TWO ADULTS in the classroom with students AT ALL TIMES. There will always be someone in the hall way outside of classrooms to provide relief should one of you need to step away. Communication with one another, our team, and hallway volunteers is crucial for this to happen! 


Our classroom assistants are hired by Biltmore Church and paid through them as well. The pay is $12.50 per hour which calculates to $50 per week and employees get paid automatically, every two weeks when church does payroll.



Preschool-5th classes run for 24 weeks, with the fall semester ending 1 week before Thanksgiving and elementary students not returning until January. Classes for these grade levels usually conclude the end of March or beginning of April for the year. 


Steps Needed:

1. Completion of an application, which includes 3 references. You can complete the application and drop it back by the church at your convenience or you can scan and email it directly to us at homeschool@biltmorechurch.com.

2. After references are called by the ministry team, the application is submitted to the church, and they will contact you in regard to obtaining the information needed to run a background check.

3. Once the background check clears, the church will contact you again, but this time regarding the tax documents so they can enroll you in the ADP payment system.


Benefits aside from Payment:

  1. You receive early class enrollment for your children, immediately following the team & teachers.

  2. No additional service requirements are needed.


We absolutely love our assistants are rely heavily on your help in the classroom. Please be sure that your schedule allows you to be here, of course, aside from sickness or unseen events, as it is hard for a teacher to run a class alone and not everyone enjoys jumping in with this age level! If you foresee too many things that may stop you from serving, we ask that you offer to serve in one of our volunteer positions instead!

Thank you so much for your interest in serving in our ministry!