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Tutoring at FCCT

First Class Clackamas Teens does not hire teachers, rather we provide a space for tutors to share their gifts and knowledge!  Each of our tutors are self-employed.  Tutors set the parameters for each class, with the tution based on tutor's guidelines.

Homeschooling encourages a love of learning.

We want to keep that love of learning alive by inviting you to tutor a class on something you feel passionate about.
It can be almost anything!

Please keep these class concepts in mind:

CORE classes will have higher expectations of students, parents and tutors, and are meant to be our academic courses. CORE classes are typically year-long, 90 minutes each week with additional homework assigned, and scheduled during 1st and 2nd periods (but can be scheduled to fit a tutor's needs).

ELECTIVE classes are enrichment classes that are not necessarily academically focused. These classes are scheduled 3rd and 4th periods. Student-taught classes also are considered electives.

Requirements to Tutor at FCCT

  1. Must sign a basic evangelical Christian statement of faith. This is required for all tutors and leaders and is included in our Tutor Application.
  2. Pass a background check. Every tutor must pass a background check.
  3. Be committed to your class and your students. Tutors must be committed to show up for every class and do their best to find a substitute if they're unable to be at class. We understand some things are out of our control. If you must be away during a class day, please schedule a substitute tutor for your classes. FCCT may have substitute volunteers; please check with a Leadership Team member.
  4. Communicate with Parents. You will be assigned a Tutor account on FCCT's website. As students sign up for classes, you will automatically be sent a class roster. The roster contains parent and student contact information. You will also have access to a class forum for communication. Before each term starts, tutors are asked to reach out to parents informing them of class requirements and needs.
  5. Non-compete. After you submit your application, if we find that we already have a similar class being offered, we may ask you to change it up a bit, so that we have better variety and so that tutors won't be "competing" with the same classes.
  6. Attend Mandatory Tutor Meetings. Good communication is key to a successful team! We don't meet very often, but when we do, we ask that all tutors be present. Typically, we will meet once at the beginning and end of each school year.
  7. Fees. Tutors set their own tuition fees that parents pay directly to them. Tuitions are based on the class type; core or elective. Core classes range from $100 to $140; elective classes range from $80 to $100.
  8. Record Tuition As Paid. Each tutor is responsible for issuing receipts for tuitions paid. FCCT's website has an accounting option to record tuitions as paid; this documents each tuition paid within the parent's Statement of Account, deducting from their balance. There is also an option to send a receipt via email to the parent per fee paid. All tutors are asked to use the website accounting system and also to keep track of your own tuition collected.

Submit an FCCT Tutor Application

If you aren't currently an FCCT tutor, you will need to submit an Tutor Application. Simply fill out the application linked below! This form can also be accessed from your FCCT family account Profile, if you are a current member. We will review it and get back to you!

If you are not a current member of FCCT (no students attending), please also contact our director for more information at Firstclassclackamasteens@gmail.com.

FCCT Tutor Application

Submit an FCCT Class Proposal

Have a class idea you would like to tutor? To submit a proposed class topic, complete the form linked below. This form can also be accessed from your FCCT account Profile, if you are a current member.  If approved, it will be listed on the class schedule for the term.

Tutor Proposed Class Form (1 per class)

Have questions? Email FirstClassClackamasTeens@gmail.com

First Class Clackamas Teens
reserves the right to deny any application