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Parent Involvement

FCCT is a parent-run, homeschool tutoring group that is cooperative in nature.  There is a leadership team that coordinates the details of FCCT, but for this community to stay strong and functioning we need many parent volunteers. 

You are required to sign up to volunteer or coordinate an activity during the school year.

After the term begins, you may be contacted to discuss the volunteer position that you selected. YOU are a blessing and help to FCCT!

If you have already filled out the Parent Volunteer Opportunities form, but would like to add to it or update it, please follow these steps:

After logging into your FCCT family account, go to Profile, scroll down to Forms, find the Parent Volunteer Opportunities form, then click Edit Existing to select more volunteer choices.

If you haven't signed up to volunteer as of yet, please fill out the form at this link: Parent Volunteer Opportunities.

Chaperones/Volunteers: We invite you to be coordinators and chaperones for our events and field trips, and assist, monitor, participate, bring food or supplies as requested, and help make each event & field trip a successful venture.