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Payment Instructions

Required Term Registration Fee

First Class Clackamas Teens has a family (fall and spring) registration fee required each term.

This registration fee is due before the first class day each term.  There is a $5 late fee for registration fees paid after first day. This fee will be added to your family account balance.

What is the family term registration fee for? The member registration fee covers tithing payment to Calvary Chapel Southeast for the use of their building, heat/water/lights, some supplies, and any events held on location. The family term membership registration fee does not cover other outside events, field trips, or curriculum(s) that may also have a fee.  All leadership are volunteers.

The family term registration fee is paid to FCCT, and is not part of any tuition payments to your tutors.

Payment Instructions:

Please note:

  • Tutors without a student(s) attending, DO NOT pay the term registration fee.

  • Tutors with student(s) attending, please pay the registration fee.

  • Leadership Team members, DO NOT pay the registation fee.

At the end of this registration page, you may pay the family term membership registration fee by credit/debit/PayPal by clicking the

Pay With PayPal  button.

With this method you may use your personal PayPal account. If you do not have a PayPal account you may still pay as a guest, and use a debit card or credit card.

Or, you may pay by cash or check (due before class sign-up date), mailed to:

First Class Clackamas Teens

13520 SE Pheasant Ct

Portland, OR, 97222

yes   Please note: if you will be paying by cash or check, you may close this web page now as no further action is needed using PayPal.

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