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PDA and Dating

In a co-ed environment physical attraction is bound to happen. To help ease awkwardness and hurt feelings, anything that suggests a romantic relationship, including personal displays of affection, are not allowed at co-op. Appropriate interactions between immediate family members do not apply. What happens and is acceptable outside of co-op is between individual kids and their parents. To help ease confusion, this policy applies to all ages.

PDA includes but is not limited to:

  • Holding hands
  • Lingering hugs
  • Kisses, including on the cheek
  • Snuggling, cuddling, or sitting extra close
  • Words of affection, including pet names and I love you's 

Truth or Dare begins as a somewhat innocent childhood game, but often quickly progresses into discussions of crushes and other deeply personal topics that a child may not wish to share, but feels pressured to do so. Because of this, Truth or Dare is not allowed at co-op, including during lunch at the park.

Please note: We know that some kids are naturally huggers and openly affectionate. If this is your child, please talk to them about what is appropriate at co-op. If you have questions, please ask someone on leadership.