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Absence Policy

  • In the event you will be absent you should:
    • Notify your co-teacher as soon as you know.
    • Arrange any transfer of supplies/lesson plans.
    • Post your need for a sub in the proper forum thread.
    • If on a Friday morning, notify the Substitute Coordinator or Director using the method outlined in the Substitute Forum.
  • We know that sometimes a parent has a one-time scheduling conflict and older students would still like to attend co-op. A student in the 11-13 or 14+ classes may come to co-op without you once per semester provided the following is met:
    • Another co-op member must be appointed to be responsible for your children at co-op.
    • That co-op member must be on site and know that your children are there before you leave.
    • You must contact the Director, Academic Advisor, or Substitute Coordinator and get approval at least 1 week (7 days) prior to the planned absence.
    • Please do not send your children with a family member or another co-op member without prior approval.
  • If you no-show to co-op and don't notify us of your absence it affects the entire co-op because we have to cover your classes without warning. It is also not fair to your co-teachers.
    • First offense: we will attempt to contact and connect with you and remind you that we need to be notified.
    • Second offense: we will contact you and also may ask for a backup lesson plan for your class(es). This will allow anyone to step into your place if you no-show again (including your co-teacher if it is not her week to teach).
    • Third and successive offenses: the board will meet and determine what happens on a case-by-case basis. This could be anything from temporarily moving you to a co-teaching spot with lesser responsibilities to removal from co-op.
  • Communication is the key. We understand some families may be absent more often due to special needs family members or a tough season of life. We will not remove you from co-op for multiple absences as long as you communicate and inform us of what is going on.