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Hygiene Policy

Hygiene Policy

  • Due to many complaints in previous years and an increased awareness, we are requesting that all families pay attention to personal hygiene. We understand that hygiene is different for each family, but we are trying to be more conscious as a co-op.

    • Please have conversations with your children about general hygiene including:

      • blowing their nose into tissues instead of wiping it on their arm or sleeve. Then washing hands or using hand sanitizer

      • coughing and sneezing into their elbow or tissue

      • giving their friends personal space and not sitting too close

      • not sharing personal items including supplies brought from home or water bottles

      • cleaning up if they make a mess

      • helping the teacher clean the classroom at the end of every class

    • To help the whole co-op be more diligent we are requesting that each family does the following:

      • take showers and/or baths the night before or morning of co-op.

      • brush hair and teeth

      • wash hands

      • wear deodorant if your child is of deodorant wearing age

        • If your child is of deodorant wearing age and in PE or another active class, please have them put deodorant in their backpack so they can re-apply if needed.

    • In the event that you are concerned about someone’s hygiene, please talk to someone on the board. We will address it as needed.