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Classes with Supply Fees

FHL provides basic supplies for each class including crayons, scissors, glue, pens, and pencils. There is also a small art box in the hall with additional shared supplies like construction paper, watercolors, rulers, and other miscellaneous art supplies. We can purchase some items to add to our art box, or an occasional special item that is class dependent if requested and approved.

If a teacher knows his/her supply needs will not be met with co-op provided supplies, he/she can request a supply fee for the class. This fee is not collected by FHL but goes directly to the teacher. The fee will be included in the class description at class registration time and cannot be raised. 

Class fees are to cover all materials needed for the class, with nothing additional provided by the students or co-op (unless it is a normally supplied co-op material). This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Actual materials used in the class
  • Food, including things like cake & cookies that need to be baked before co-op
  • Prep materials
  • Tablecloths or other table and/or floor coverings for messy classes

A teacher may also ask members of the co-op to bring in used containers (like empty soda bottles or shoe boxes) one time during each semester, but if they are not supplied it is up to the teacher to provide the needed materials out of their own budget.

If you are teaching a class with a supply fee and go over your budget, you may not request supplies be purchased or brought in from home by the students. Many of our families run tight budgets and plan which classes their kids may take accordingly. Please plan your fees and budget before suggesting or offering to teach a supply fee class.

The only exception to this policy is when a class lists supply needs in the description at registration in lieu of or in addition to the fee.

If your child is in a class with a supply fee and additional supplies are requested, please contact the Treasurer (Crystal Orr) or Director (Dorothy Jo) immediately so we can follow up.