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Homelink's Philosophy


To parents we say:  To attend classes at Homelink, you do not have to sign a statement of faith.  Your students do not need to be Christians to take classes at Homelink. Please know that all of our teachers are professing Christians and their job is to teach their subject matter. However, there may be discussions initiated by the students in the classrooms that veer off the subject matter.  Our teachers are permitted to give input based on their Christian worldview, but to try to bring the conversation back to the topic being taught as soon as possible.


To students we say:   If you are willing to abide by our rules, you are welcome to be a Homelink student.  Detailed rules and regulations are written in the Homelink Handbook.  In a nutshell, they are:

Students must:
1. Take responsibility for learning.

2. Respect self, others and place.
3. Show resourcefulness and readiness to learn.
4. Act in a safe and healthful manner. 

Student Responsibilities
Students (with parental guidance) are responsible for:

  • attending classes on a regular basis and to be on time.
  • completing all academic work as assigned.
  • bringing appropriate materials to class.
  • obeying Homelink/individual teacher rules.
  • respecting the rights of others.
  • their own actions.
  • using appropriate language.
  • respecting church property.
  • complying with requests of Homelink directors and teachers.
  • dressing appropriately based on Handbook guidelines.