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Redwoods Membership

Redwoods Homeschool Community Membership is $65/year per family for July 1st, 2021 - June 30th, 2022. (membership fee is discounted to $45/year in February).

RHC member renewals end June 30th. Early registration period is July 10th - 31st, 2021 for a discount fee of $45 for the year.

{Pricing reflects a minimum of 30 families registered by August 1st, 2021. If we have less than 30 families, prices may increase for Clubs, Co-op Classes, GAB Club, etc. to ensure we can pay building fees. Membership fee will remain the same.}

Community member benefits:

FREE (RHC members only)

Monthly First Friday Fun Days (holiday parties + theme days)

     Examples:      July – Backyard Party        Jan – Sledding

                            Aug – Beach Day              Feb – Valentine’s Party

                            Sept – Camping Trip         March – Treasure Hunt

                            Oct – Beach Day               April – Poetry Presentation Day

                            Nov – Fall Party                May – Medieval Festival

                            Dec – Christmas Party     June – Field Day

Teen Council Participation (1st and 3rd Tuesday afternoons Sept-Jun)

Weekly Thursday Recess at various parks

Access to private Slack group for support/encouragement from fellow homeschoolers

Access to private Forum to share and find homeschool resources

Tuesday CLUBS at affordable costs (RHC members only)

Summer STEM clubs (every other Tues, 4 weeks, Jul-Aug) = $5/student total for the session

Fall Sports Club (first three Tues Sept-Nov, 9 weeks) = $5/student total for the session

Winter Clubs (first three Tuesdays Dec-Mar, 12 weeks) = $10/ student total for the session

Spring Nature Study Club (first three Tuesdays April-June, 9 weeks) = $5/student total for the session

CO-OP (RHC members only)

GAB (gym, art, books) Club = $18/student total for the session of 5 weeks (2nd and 4th Fridays, 3 sessions, Fall is Sept-Nov, Winter is Jan-Mar, Spring is April-June)

Tuesday Co-op classes (volunteer parent teachers) = rate varies to cover building expenses and materials per student per class, each class is estimated at $25-45 per student total for the 14 week semester.

FIELD TRIPS (occasionally open to all homeschoolers)

Monthly field trip opportunities (could be more—depends on interest and size of RHC)

Annual Fair Weather Growers Fall Festival Field Trip deeply discounted for RHC members

Annual Spring Traveling Field Trip for Middle Schoolers and High Schoolers discounted for RHC members

MOM EVENTS (RHC members only)

Monthly mom nights from coffee shop, restaurant, activity to backyard hanging out

EVENTS (open to all homeschoolers, based on available space)

Discount rate (or free depending on event) for RHC members and opportunity to sign up first when space is limited. The following is dependent upon volunteers. 

Examples: July – Tailgating Curriculum Sale             Jan – Middle School Banquet

                  Aug – “Open House” Info Session            Feb – Fun Indoor Field Trip

                 Sept – Back to School Picnic                    March – History/ Geog/ Science Fair

                 Oct – Schole Sisters Retreat                     Apr – Intramural Sports (middle/high)

                 Nov – Arts + Crafts Show                         May – Art Show

                 Dec – Winter Event                                  June – Traveling field trip (middle/high)

MEMBER MEETINGS (RHC members only)

Bi-annual meetings (optional but encouraged) to give members an opportunity to give feedback, help plan, and be involved.

Community Member Expectations:

We kindly ask that the primary homeschooling parent help in some capacity: Volunteer Teach or serve on an Action Committee.

We believe that working together will create a stronger bond between Redwoods families. We all have different affinities for helping: some like to plan events, some like to serve by cleaning after an activity, some like to teach, some like to work with teens, etc. We are also all at different seasons and can commit to various tasks. We ask for about 18 volunteer hours for the year or about 2 hours per month. This is not a hard number, simply a guide as an example.

Redwoods Homeschool Community will only be able to offer programs, events, and activities for which we have volunteers willing to help. Naturally, the number of offerings made available will be directly related to the number of members.

Volunteer Teacher: Teach STEM Club; Coach Sports Club; Lead a Winter Club; teach Art, Gym, or Book class at GAB Club; or teach a class on a topic/subject for co-op classes on Tuesdays. (choose 1 per semester or season)

Service Committee: Clean up after First Friday Fun Days; clean up building after Clubs or GAB or Co-op Classes; set up/decorate or clean up after events; be a Helper to a teacher in Clubs, GAB, or Co-op Class; putting supplies/kits together for a program/event. (choose 2 or 3 jobs per semester)

Events Committee: Help plan First Friday Fun Days; help plan and execute events; help plan field trips. (choose 3 or 4 jobs per semester)

Teen Council Committee: Help teens coordinate/conduct Teen Council Meetings; help teens plan events and service projects; chaperone teen events/activities. (attend 8-10 dates per semester at meetings and/or events/activities)