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GAB Club

This program is for Redwoods Members. See our home page for details about membership.

Please see our Guidelines page for general information about GAB Club and more. 

Click here for detailed GAB Info.

Spring GAB Club is the second and fourth Fridays of March, April, and May at 10:00 am - 12:30 pm at Liberty Baptist Church, Bristol. 

There are a total of 5 dates: March 22nd, April 12, 26, May 10, 24

Cost is $15 per student. Sprouts age is $8 per student.

Schedule of the Day:

10:00 Arrival -- Announcements & Prayer

10:15 Class 1

11:00 Class 2

11:45 Class 3

12:30 Dismissal & Clean Up

Class Themes for the session:

  • Gym - variety skills/ games practiced
  • Art - Portraits
  • Books - Non-Fiction genre

Sign up to be a Fall GAB teacher by Feb 25th

Spring GAB registration priority: 

Feb 26 - Teachers and board members

Feb 27 - Returning GAB families

Feb 28 - Returning Redwoods families

Feb 29 - New Redwoods families

To Register use the matrix below: 

1. For each child click the class under "GAB Student" column, click your child's name, then click register.             

Each class is based on age. If you see that your child will be on the "waitlist", please continue to register. We try very hard to accomodate all families who wish to sign up, but there is a limit to each age group. We will keep an eye on registrations and add your child(ren) to the roster manually, as we're able.  

Please sign up your Nursery age (0-3) children as well. Nursery/ Seedlings is free. Every child must be signed up to be accounted for during the GAB day.

2. If you are not a GAB teacher, please note that you will be a helper in a class. All parents will be assigned a job, we try to assign your first choice.

All parents must teach or help. Class helpers will float and will do clean up. 

3. After we finalize GAB registration we will send your invoice. Please promptly make a payment within 48 hours. You may click "pay invoice" in your email or log in to the website and click "Balance $x.xx" at the top of the website and follow the prompts to make a payment. Thank you!

Co-op/ GAB payment policy: 

  • If payment is not received within 1 week of sign ups and there is a waiting list, your children will be removed from the roster and the spot will be offered to someone on the waiting list. If there is no waiting list and payment is not received two weeks before class start date, your children will be removed from the roster.

Manage Class Registrations

GAB Club

GAB student
GAB Spring 2024 Sprouts
3 y/o - 4 y/o
Meadow - AGES 4-6
GAB Spring 2024 Meadow
5 y/o - 6 y/o
Grove - AGES 7-9
GAB Spring 2024 Grove
7 y/o - 9 y/o
Forest - AGES 10-13
GAB Spring 2024 Forest
10 y/o - 13 y/o
GAB Spring 2024 Nursery
0 y/o - 2 y/o