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Tuesday Co-op Classes

This program is for Redwoods Members, see our home page for details about membership.

Please also see our Handbook page for more information about our Tuesday Co-op Classes and more. 

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Our Spring 2024 classes are on A Weeks, which are the first and third Tuesdays from March-June at 11:30-12:20, 1:30-2:20 and 2:30-3:20 with a "Lunch Hour" from 12:20-1:30 at Liberty Baptist Church, Bristol.  

There are 7 dates total: March 5, March 19, April 2, April 16, May 7, May 21, and June 4.

Students may sign up for one, two, or all three class periods. Parents must volunteer for at least one parent job (See below for the link to that form).

Cost varies, depending on the class you sign up for. Average cost will be $15-35 per class, per student. 

Students register before classes begin and attend each date of the session; this is not a drop-in program. This is also not a drop-off program; parents are asked to stay on the premises and parents will volunteer to teach or help. 

When to submit class proposal:

  • Class proposals due January 5th

When to Register for Classes:

  • Board members and teachers (only for time period(s) they're teaching): January 30th
  • Returning Co-Op Families:  January 31st
  • Returning & New Redwoods Families: February 1st
  • Payments are due February 1st

How to Register for Classes:

Be sure your Co-op Participant form is completed, found on your Profile page.

  1. Click on class in the class matrix/grid towards the bottom of the page
  2. Select child name + click register
  3. When finished registering all children for their classes, click "Manage Class Registrations" to double check and confirm your class choices & schedule
  4. Click "View Statement Of Account" to pay, then make payment (teachers please wait to pay until we credit your account with your teacher credits, thank you!)
  5. Sign up for your preferred parent job(s) using the link below

The Wait List: If a class fills up, please continue to register your child and they will be placed on the waiting list. There may be circumstances that change by the end of the registration period and allow for a student to be taken off of the waiting list and added to the class. If a child is added to a class we will directly inform you. If a child cannot be added to a class they will be added to Study Hall for that period. 

Parents: Please choose at least 1 parent job. We will post final parent jobs in the forum before classes begin. If you do not indicate your preferences we will assign your parent job(s) where needed. Thank you!

After registering your students please sign up here for your parent job(s).

Orientation Day:

  • February 27th at 12:30pm-2pm, one week before the First Day
  • All Tuesday co-op families will attend
  • We'll go over expectations - schedule, class behavior, safety, checking-in/out, in case of emergency
  • We'll add in an element of fun and getting to know one another

There is a Free Period/Study Hall class available if a child isn't in a class while their sibling is.  

There is a Nursery available for children ages 0-4 while their sibling is in a class.

Each child at co-op must be registered in a class, study hall, or nursery for each hour your family is at co-op (except for lunch hour).

See Class List below for cost & descriptions (Click on each one for more info):

Manage Class Registrations

Tuesday Co-op

A weeks only 11:30-12:20 A weeks only 1:30-2:20 A weeks only 2:30-3:20 GAB student
GAB Spring 2024 Sprouts
3 y/o - 4 y/o
Meadow - AGES 4-6
GAB Spring 2024 Meadow
5 y/o - 6 y/o
Grove - AGES 7-9
GAB Spring 2024 Grove
7 y/o - 9 y/o
Forest - AGES 10-13
GAB Spring 2024 Forest
10 y/o - 13 y/o
The Cave Room
Spring 2024 Junior Teen Council
11 y/o - 12 y/o
Spring 2024 AutoShop Intro
14 y/o - 18 y/o
Spring 2024 The Science Detectives
12 y/o - 17 y/o
The Big Room
Spring 2024 Study Hall A
Spring 2024 Study Hall B
Spring 2024 Study Hall C
Forest Room
Spring 2024 Teen Council
13 y/o - 18 y/o
Spring 2024 Chemistry: Combustion
11 y/o - 16 y/o
Spring 2024 ASL for beginners
7 y/o - 13 y/o
Meadow Room
Spring 2024 Bear Book Club
4 y/o - 7 y/o
Spring 2024 Phonics Games & Peer Reading
7 y/o - 10 y/o
Spring 2024 Science For Littles
4 y/o - 7 y/o
Grove Room
Spring 2024 The Science Explorers
7 y/o - 10 y/o
Spring 2024 50 States, Part 2
8 y/o - 13 y/o
Spring 2024 Knit Witz
10 y/o - 19 y/o
Spring 2024 Seedlings: Sensory and Movement
1 y/o - 4 y/o
Spring 2024 Aesop's Fables
4 y/o - 8 y/o
Nursery Rooms
Spring 2024 Nursery A
0 y/o - 3 y/o
Spring 2024 Nursery B
0 y/o - 3 y/o
Spring 2024 Nursery C
0 y/o - 3 y/o