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This program is for Redwoods Members. See our home page for details about membership.

(please continue to check back on this page for more information, we will be updating regularly)

Redwoods Tutorial Program

Supplement home instruction with 1-3 of our variety of Tutorial classes. Classes are taught by paid instructors.

Tutorial classes meet on Wednesdays for 14 weeks each semester.

Class categories:

Enrichment - These classes are typically activity based, hands on, fun, laid back kind of classes. Most classes for elementary age will be enrichment. No homework. Examples: cooking, STEM, little inventors, gardening, card making, passport to the world geography, American Girl History, etc.

Elective - Classes may require special materials and knowledge. Classes can be hands on, activity based, or academic. May have homework. Examples: music, drama, art, physical education, geography, science experiments, conversations in foreign language, etc.

Core - This is where you'll typically find your academic courses, most core classes will be high school courses. Examples: Biology, Chemistry, Foreign Language, Worldviews, or Composition. Grading and homework required.

Fall 2024 schedule to be posted in June. Registration in July. Orientation day in August. Classes begin Sept 4 - December 11, no classes Nov 27.

Tutorial FAQ's

  1. What is the Tutorial Program?

The Tutorial Program offers a la carte classes, from enrichment subjects to core subjects for homeschooling families. It provides a range of classes taught by qualified tutors to students ages 6-18. Classes meet on Wednesdays for 14 weeks each semester (usually with one break week).

  1. Who can enroll in the Tutorial Program?

The program is open to Redwoods Members, homeschooling families who are seeking supplemental education for their children. We are not a school, and as the purpose of the Tutorial Program is to supplement what you are doing at home, we recommend that students take between 1-3 classes.

  1. What subjects are offered in the Tutorial Program?

The program offers classes in various subjects, including but not limited to music, physical education, drama, foreign language, art, and science. We also welcome suggestions for additional subjects based on community interest and tutor availability.

  1. Who are the tutors in the Tutorial Program?

Our tutors are experienced educators and professionals with expertise in their respective subject areas. They are passionate about teaching and committed to helping students succeed. Our tutors adhere to our Statement of Faith and are subject to a background check.

  1. How are classes structured in the Tutorial Program?

Classes are typically offered on a semester basis, with sessions held once a week depending on the subject and level. Classes may vary in length and format, ranging from enrichment (activity-based, hands-on) to elective (specialized) and core (academic) courses.

  1. Can students enroll in multiple classes?

Yes, students can enroll in multiple classes based on their interests and availability. Some families choose to enroll their children in a mix of enrichment, elective, and core classes to create a well-rounded educational experience.

  1. What are the enrollment requirements for the Tutorial Program?

To enroll in the program, families must first become a Redwoods Member (attend a meet and greet and complete the member form and membership payment). During the Tutorial registration period sign up and pay any class fees. Enrollment may be subject to space availability, so we encourage families to register early to secure their spot.

  1. What is included in the Redwoods Membership?

We are a community of homeschooling families and value relationship building activities and events. Membership includes free to nominal cost of monthly First Friday Fellowship Days, Mom’s Night Out, Mom’s Book Club and Fun Activity Days, Recess, and opportunities for monthly field trips. Families may also have the opportunity to participate in our Tuesday Co-op, Teen Council, Jr. Teen Council, or GAB Club Co-op.

  1. How can I learn more about the Tutorial Program or get involved as a tutor?

For more information about the Tutorial Program, including class schedules, enrollment details, and tutor opportunities, please contact us at We welcome inquiries from interested families and prospective tutors.

  1. What is the cost of participating in the Tutorial Program?

The cost of classes varies depending on the subject, level (enrichment/ elective/ core) and if specialized materials are needed. We strive to keep our classes affordable for homeschooling families while ensuring the quality of instruction. Typically, class fees, when broken down by each meeting date, are between $7-$15.

We are hiring! Tutor applicants click here.