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Redwoods Homeschool Community Member Qualifications

1. Memberships are family memberships consisting of those living in your household for which you are a parent or legal guardian.

2. All members must be currently home educating at least one student who is in grade K-12th in a bona fide manner according to Connecticut state law. Families with their oldest child who is 4 or younger at the start of the current school year (August 1st) may purchase a “Seedling Membership.” 

3. Parental participation and involvement is expected to ensure the community aspect of Redwoods. 

4. There is no specific faith requirement or affiliation or curriculum/ education philosophy requirement, however, families should understand that we operate on scriptural Christian principles and values and will make decisions based on our Statement of Faith. 

5. Members shall follow the Handbook for Code of Conduct. 

6. Membership expires June 30th each year and membership is approved after: attending a meet and greet or reference checks, submitting membership form, and receipt of membership fee. 


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Payment Instructions

You may pay now using PayPal by clicking "continue" below. You also have received an email "Membership Signup Request" from "lifeline." There is a "Pay Now" button in that email, follow the prompts to make your payment. Thank you. 

Alternatively, we accept cash or check made out to "Redwoods Homeschool Community". 

If you are paying with cash or check, you must email us at to make arrangements. Thank you. 

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