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Posted 9/1/21

Redwoods Homeschool Community Code of Conduct


We seek to create an atmosphere in which all we do, including the way we act and dress, honors God and others. Sometimes our events and activities are the public’s first encounter with homeschooled families. With that, we expect each member and their family members to show respect to all people involved, both members and hosts.

Member attendance at events and activities is considered an agreement to follow the RHC Code of Conduct. These guidelines are intended to facilitate a safe and nurturing environment in which children can learn and grow in a strong Christian educational atmosphere.

General Event, Field Trip, and Activity Guidelines:

  1. Please read the details of each event carefully. There may be special requests and instructions. If you are no longer able to attend an event, please tell the coordinator as soon as possible.
  1. Events and activities have a start time. If you plan to attend, please do your best to show up on time. We will not make our host wait on us. If you are late, you may be left out.
  2. Unless an event/activity is advertised as public, then RHC sponsored activities are member-exclusive.
  3. Details about member events and calendar information are not to be shared, or posted on any social media site. The exception is public events, they may be shared.
  4. Inclement weather days shall be determined by 8:00 am the day of planned events/activities/classes by the RHC Board. If an event has to be cancelled due to weather, details will be posted in the RHC announcement forum as soon as possible.


  1. Please do not attend any events or activities if you or your child(ren) show signs of the following symptoms/ conditions:

o Diarrhea, vomiting, or nausea (within the last 24 hours)

o Fever over 100 F (within the last 24 hours)

o Eye drainage or pinkeye

o Virus or infection (known to be contagious)

o Contagious rash

o Head lice

o Hacking or continuous coughing

  1. Please use best discretion if you or your child(ren) have mild cold symptoms such as stuffy nose with clear drainage, sneezing, mild cough. Keep home if symptoms are severe.
  2. Hand washing and personal hygiene help keep illnesses at bay. Please practice good handwashing after using restroom, before/after eating, if hands are visibly soiled, after going outside, after handling chemicals, after touching garbage, after handling animals or cleaning animal habitats, before and after preparing food, and after blowing your nose, coughing, or sneezing.

General Behavior:

  1. All participants shall remember the Golden Rule, treat others the way you want to be treated. Show respect, be courteous, and have self-control towards others. This includes speech and online behavior, no profane or lewd talk, posts, or pictures.
  1. We seek to foster an atmosphere of respect in which all parents serve as mentors/teachers to all students. Students should refer to all adults using an honorific.
  2. Students shall respect all adults and follow directions. It is sometimes necessary to offer kind correction to a child, if you need to correct a child more than twice, please accompany them to their parents for further instruction.
  3. Unwanted, aggressive behavior, or bullying, towards others is prohibited.
  4. Care for your own property and show respect towards the property of others including that of any host facility.
  5. Refrain from using cell phones or devices for personal use while teaching or volunteering or participating in learning activities.
  6. Refrain from inappropriate public displays of affection of a sexual nature.
  7. Do not initiate or engage in slander or gossip.
  8. Use of profane or foul language has no place at any RHC function. Both students and parents must refrain.


      18.  We ask that all members and event attendees dress in a manner that represents the Redwoods Homeschool Community in a positive light.

Examples of inappropriate clothing would be:

  •  Women/Girls: Strapless garments; excessively tight form-fitting clothing; low cut clothing that exposes cleavage; shorts, skirts, and dresses that are above the mid-thigh; low rise pants, unless a long shirt covers any exposed skin; clothing that exposes the mid-riff; clothing that features alcohol, drugs, or profanity, or anything that could be considered offensive; clothing that allows exposure of undergarments, including sheer fabric that exposes undergarments or areas traditionally covered by undergarments.
  •  Men/Boys: Tight/form-fitting clothing; clothing that exposes the mid-riff; baggy pants that expose underwear; shirts that expose the chest; any clothing that features alcohol, drugs, profanity, or anything that could be considered offensive.


19. We will communicate to members through the Redwoods Homeschool Community website, it is the member’s responsibility to read and check the website periodically. This includes both the forum and the calendar. 

20. It is the member’s responsibility to check the website prior to attending an event in the case of any last minute changes.

21. Please choose the weekly email update option to stay up to date in RHC happenings.

22. If you are referencing or recommending RHC to someone please direct them to the RHC website.

23. Publicly shared comments deemed slanderous, malicious, or prejudicial to RHC interests will be deleted and considered grounds for termination of membership.


Member Privacy:

24. Members must agree to keep names, addresses, phone numbers, personal email addresses, and other contact information of fellow members in strict confidence.

25. Members must agree to keep calendar and event info private--this means no sharing/posting with individuals or groups outside of RHC.

26. Only publicly posted leader members' contact information may be shared for the purpose of gaining RHC information.

27. Posting fellow members’ personal information on social media sites is strictly prohibited, as is posting pictures of other people’s children without consent.

28. RHC will not share your personal names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, or other contact information.

29. The RHC website offers a Member Directory. We are a community, in such that we may desire to contact and connect with one another using personal contact information. Please treat others the way you would want to be treated. Keep any contact homeschool related. Do not spam our fellow community members. If you are being contacted in an unwanted manner, please be kind and direct and tell the person not to contact you. If this is not respected the offending member may lose membership.

Conflict Resolution:

30. Personality, conflicts, and misunderstandings can happen. It is important we agree on how to handle these situations, should they arise. If conflict arises, seek to resolve the issue on your own. If either party is unsatisfied or a resolution cannot be met, the parties should seek the assistance or mediation of a RHC leader. Should the issue continue to go unresolved the leadership team will discuss the conflict and their decision on the matter will be final.

31. At all times, during and after, a conflict will remain confidential.