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LCHEA Formal Dress Code

Dress Code:

he purpose of this dress code is to establish a standard of modesty for this particular LCHEA event. The attire for the event will be semi-formal or formal. If a theme is designated, modest theme-appropriate attire is acceptable, but must still fall within the guidelines established below.

There is a wide range of dress styles for young ladies, a more detailed dress code is listed below: Registered students, guests, and one parent of each attendee will receive a link to the guidelines document via email which they will use to electronically sign acknowledgement of the guidelines/dress code.

young men-

  • Young men must wear a suit or sports coat, tie and dress trousers or a tuxedo.

young women-

  • The shortest part of the dress, including a slit, must be no shorter than the top of the wearer's knee. (If the dress has a slit, it must be sewn closed to the knee.)
  • Strapless or spaghetti strap dresses are permitted, provided the bodice fits tightly across the top with minimal cleavage showing.
  • Spaghetti strap dresses with a loose fabric top are not permitted.
  • Regarding the back of the dress, all dresses must be no lower than the natural waistline of the wearer.
  • If the dress has any cut-out designs, none of the wearer's natural skin may be visible through said cut-outs. (Panels must be opaque, not sheer) Dress

Code Violations:

If an attendee arrives at the event and their attire is outside LCHEA's dress code, the person will be asked to leave the event until such time that their attire is appropriate and within dress code.

If the attendee chooses not to return to the event, no refund will be given. A committee from the current board will be selected each year to enforce dress code at the event. This committee will not require photos of the young ladies to be submitted for approval. However, if any one desires to submit a photo of herself in her prom dress, the committee will decide if the dress is within dress code.