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Welcome to HERE 2023/24! We are so thrilled that you are joining our group. We look forward to a fun year filled with friendship, memories and support.

Our membership dues for 23/24 are $50.00 per family ($30 if registering during the February to May timeframe). This yearly fee is non-refundable once paid as we immediately incur costs to our group for each member family.

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Payment Instructions

Please pay your 2023-24 dues of $50 dollars ($30 if registering from February to May) using one of the following methods:

1. Use the link below to pay directly.

2. Go to the Paypal website and send payment to here.hs.va@gmail.com

3. Send the payment via USPS to PO Box 15368 Newport News, VA 23608

(Please let us know if you are mailing it to our PO Box so we can be looking for it to arrive),

4. Arrange to pay a HERE board member in person. 

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