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Data Structures - Exploring the Building Blocks of Programming

Teacher:  David Ripplinger  Age:  MS/HS   Length:  Full Year

Programming is awesome! You can make video games, websites, mobile apps, artificial intelligence, and more. Programming careers pay well and are almost always in high demand. But how does programming even work? This course doesn't just teach you how to program. It teaches you the building blocks of programming and data structures. You'll learn how to analyze an algorithm to determine what makes some algorithms slow and others fast in different situations.

We'll be learning by doing quite a lot! There will be several cool projects that you can show off and apply the principles we learn! We will be using the Python language.

Both beginners and advanced programmers are welcome! Beginners will receive plenty of support with the basics, while advanced programmers will be given several avenues to explore concepts more deeply.

**Hard requirement: Each student must bring a laptop, NOT a tablet, to class each day.

Intro to Interior Design

Teacher:  Jenn Garner      Age:  MS/HS      Length:  2nd Semester

Plan that space! Welcome to Introduction to Interior Design. This is a beginner class with hands-on activities while learning the basic principles and elements of design. Students will be creating their own mood boards, meeting with clients, and learning floor plans.

The final project will end with them creating a miniature room diorama of their choice. Come have some fun and design. See you soon!

Pet Career Explorers

Teacher:  Brianna Glass   Age:  MS/HS    Length:  1st Semester

In this exciting class, young animal enthusiasts will explore the diverse world of animal professions. Through creative and interactive activities, they will learn about the responsibilities and opportunities of working in the pet industry. The possibilities are endless, from dog training and animal grooming to pet bakery and pet photography. We will dream up logos and brainstorm business names. Get ready to unleash your inner Pet Entrepreneur! 

By the end of the program, participants will not only have a broader knowledge of pet careers and gain valuable insights into entrepreneurship in the field. They will leave feeling inspired and empowered to follow their dreams and positively impact the lives of animals. Join us on this journey of exploration and discovery in the wonderful world of pet careers!

Web Development - Let's Make a Web Application Like the Pros!

Teacher:  David Ripplinger      Age:  MS/HS      Length:  Full Year

Each student will create and publish their own web application online. This won't be a simple website like a blog. It will be an interactive app of the student's choice that provides a service, where users log in and manage stuff! The full year will focus entirely on this one project. We will use the tools popular among today's industry leaders.

For those who wish to know, our tech stack will consist of Typescript, NextJS, tRPC, Prisma, and Postgres.

Both beginners and advanced programmers are welcome! Beginners will receive plenty of support with the basics, while advanced programmers will have the opportunity to build a more complex web application.

**Hard requirement: Each student must bring a laptop, NOT a tablet, to class each day. We also need to install software, so if your student can't have an admin account, please contact me so we can figure out a plan together.


ACT & SAT Prep

Teacher:  David Ripplinger      Age:  HS      Length:  2nd Semester

For homeschoolers, taking the ACT and/or SAT is a strong strategy to qualify for desired colleges.

This one-semester course reviews the subject material of these tests (math, science, English, reading), offers test-taking strategies, and provides several practice tests for students. We will also share how to schedule a time to take the official exam.

We recommend this course for the student's junior year in high school.


Age:  MS/HS      Length:  Semester

Welcome to Clubs Class!

Here, students delve into their passions and hobbies in a supportive environment. Connect with peers who share your interests, whether it's board games, books, DIY & crafting, etc. In this class, students take the lead, planning and executing club activities with minimal mentor oversight. It's an opportunity to pursue what you love and develop leadership and teamwork skills.

Join us as we explore, create, and grow together!

Folk Tales, Myths, and Nursery Rhymes--Behind the Stories

Teacher:  Andrea Ripplinger      Age:  MS/HS      Length:  2nd Semester

What do you know besides the words about "Ring Around the Rosies"? As it turns out, there are both sad variations (like one about the Bubonic Plague) and happy ones (like one involving curtseying and courtship)! Well, this class will have us reading various types and versions of nursery rhymes, fables, myths, fairy tales, folk tales, and legends from around the world. We'll learn the history and context behind each story to discover how it came about, and we'll discuss why these stories and rhymes are still around today. We'll even discover some common morals and themes between so many tales, even though they're from different places and time periods in the world. And for our two term projects, we'll all get to adapt a favorite story or rhyme for a modern audience or create our very own! 

Furry Friends Academy

Teacher:  Brianna Glass   Age:  MS/HS      Length:  2nd Semester

Furry Friends Academy offers "Introduction to the Exciting World of Canine Athletics," a beginner course designed for children passionate about dogs and wishing to partake in exciting activities with their furry friends. Throughout this course, young learners will explore various dog sports such as agility, obedience, flyball, and barn hunt. The program includes interactive demonstrations and hands-on activities to improve participants' understanding of training techniques, canine communication, and the partnership between dog and handler.

By the course's conclusion, kids will have a solid grounding in dog sports and the essential skills to engage in them, preparing them for potential competitions in canine athletics. The curriculum delves into dog anatomy, breeds, and other intriguing subjects. At the end of the year, participants will demonstrate their newfound knowledge by presenting a project with their canine companions for their loved ones to appreciate.

Get Your Cook On

Teacher:  Lora Cobabe    Age:  MS/HS      Length:  Semester

This class is a sure way to tickle your taste buds and fill your belly! The adventure, should you choose to accept it, will introduce basic cooking lessons from breakfasts to desserts and everything in between.

Along the way, we will learn about simple nutrition facts and the importance of cooking with whole ingredients. There will be lots of hands-on work and demonstrations (all knife work will be demonstrated). Students will be required to bring specific supplies from home to mix their ingredients. All food and some cooking equipment will be provided.

*Food allergy warning:  Please be advised that food prepared in class may contain these ingredients: milk, eggs, wheat, soybean, peanuts, tree nuts, fish, and shellfish


Advanced Arts & Crafts

Teacher:  Andrea Ripplinger     Age:  MS/HS      Length:  2nd Semester 

If you've already learned a bit about art and crafting and are ready to "level up" your game, this is for you.

We'll learn some skills that are more advanced than just coloring. Depending on the class's interests, some of the options for projects can include wire-wrapping jewelry techniques, embroidery on fabric (by hand), frosting piping techniques for cakes, piping or royal icing for cookies, beading and chain/clasp jewelry techniques (this is beyond tying an elastic string!), and possibly other things if there's interest. I can learn them to be able to teach them.

Come explore some new art mediums and skills (and maybe even start a small side business with them!)

Art Explorations: Design & Emotion

Teacher:  Krista Romero     Age:  MS/HS      Length:  Full Year

Welcome to Art Explorations:

Design and Emotion! Prepare to embark on a year-long creative journey where we delve deep into the powerful relationship between art and emotion.

Throughout this course, we'll unravel the secrets of line, shape, and form, discovering how these fundamental elements can evoke a wide range of feelings and emotions. From the bold and dynamic to the subtle and serene, every stroke and curve has the potential to express something unique.

Get ready to unleash your creativity through art journaling and exciting big projects that are as modern as they are fun. Whether experimenting with mixed media, exploring digital art, or pushing the boundaries of traditional techniques, you can express yourself in innovative and meaningful ways.

Beginners Acrylic Art

Teacher:  Emma Thomas      Age:  MS/HS      Length:  1st Semester

Welcome to Beginners Acrylic Art, where we'll embark on an exciting journey of artistic exploration together. In this introductory course, we'll be taking a gentle step into the realm of acrylics, a versatile and forgiving medium perfect for budding artists. Whether you're a complete novice or have dabbled in art before, this class is designed to inspire and nurture your artistic talents.

Here's what you can expect to learn:

Basic color theory, brush techniques, care for supplies, and painting techniques.

But most importantly, we'll embrace the spirit of creativity and imagination. As Bob Ross famously said, "There are no mistakes, just happy accidents."

Modern Art History

Teacher:  Krista Romero     Age:  MS/HS      Length:  2nd Semester

Step into the vibrant world of Modern Art History!

Join me as we journey through the groundbreaking works of visionary artists who have reshaped our perceptions of beauty, culture, and society. Each masterpiece tells a story of innovation and inspiration, from the Impressionists' bold brushstrokes to the surreal landscapes of the 20th-century avant-garde.

Get ready to unleash your creativity with hands-on art projects inspired by the masters. You can express yourself in exciting ways by experimenting with different techniques, exploring new mediums, or creating your own contemporary masterpieces.

Myths & Legends

Teacher:  Krista Romero     Age:  MS/HS      Length:  1st Semester

Welcome to Myths and Legends 101!

Embark on a thrilling journey through the captivating realms of Japanese, Norse, and Native American lore. In this class, we'll unravel the mysteries behind ancient myths and legends, exploring their significance and enduring relevance in today's world. From Asgard's majestic gods to the Pacific Northwest's mystical spirits, every tale holds a treasure trove of wisdom and wonder waiting to be discovered.

But wait, there's more! Get ready for hands-on projects that will bring these mythical worlds to life.

*This class will inevitably intersect with diverse religious practices exercised by ancient societies around the globe.

Unexpected Art

Teacher:  Jennifer Garner      Age:  MS/HS      Length:  1st Semester

Welcome to an artist’s journey of curiosity and creativity. This class will be presented in an “Unexpected” and fun way. We will use everyday objects while still utilizing our paints, brushes, and pencils. From breakfast cereal to bicycle tires, get ready to stretch your imagination and create. I can’t wait to see you this year in “Unexpected Art”!


Public Speaking 101

Teacher:  Brie Corrington     Age:  MS/HS      Length:  Full Year

Public Speaking 101: Better than Death by Spiders

This is a year-long class dedicated to teaching students the art and fun of public speaking. It Covers Communication and Leadership basics, including eye contact, stance, poise, vocal variety, research, speech writing, and listening skills. The curriculum will include Poetry Out Loud, expressive reading, proper discussion, debate, declamation, and a how-to speech.

Skills for Life (AKA, How to Adult)

Teacher:  Andrea Ripplinger  Age:  MS/HS   Length:  1st Semester

When you graduate and become an adult, what in the world are you expected to do, exactly?! This class will focus on some skills we all eventually need to develop, and the sooner, the better.

  • The first term will cover a wide range of topics, including car oil changes, fixing a running toilet or unclogging a drain, sewing buttons or rips with a needle and thread, relationship and communication skills, baking/cooking terminology, and how to read a recipe.
  • The second term will cover job and financial skills, including budgeting, how bank accounts and interest work, balancing a checkbook, the basics of filing taxes, applying for jobs and interviewing skills, why and how to make a resume, and so forth.

Come and learn key skills to help you become a strong, independent adult when you grow up!


Biology and Botany

Teacher:  Brie Corrington     Age:  MS/HS      Length:  Full Year

This year-long class delves into the mysteries of the living things around us and how they all connect. Students will have hands-on labs exploring the fascinating worlds of microbiology, plants, fungi, and animals. 

 Note: This class will use the dissection of animals, and students are expected to do so with respect and seriousness. Human reproduction will not be covered in this class. 


Around the World in a School Year - Exploring the Geography, Life, and Cultures on our 7 Continents

Teacher:  Brie Corrington     Age:  MS/HS      Length:  Full Year

Planet Earth is full of surprises, let’s go explore them! Through the study of geography, flora and fauna, and native cultures we will learn more about life on our fascinating third rock from the sun. 


Snapology - Robotics

Teacher:  Snapology  Age:  MS/HS   Length:  Full Year

Since last year, Snapology of Layton & Davis County has taught hundreds of children STEAM concepts in a fun, engaging, and memorable way. The students who enroll in our classes learn more than core scientific and engineering concepts; they also learn teamwork, problem-solving, critical thinking, presentation skills, and conflict resolution. 

  • 1st Semester - Combat Robots & Robot Challenge 
  • 2nd Semester - Attack Bots & Robot Olympics

This class entails so much; therefore, we have included links/letters of additional information HERE for a more detailed description of what will happen in class and to learn more about the instructor.

Taught by Brandon Boulter of www.layton.snapology.com.  


Art of Storybook

Teacher:  Tamara Zollinger       Age:  MS/HS      Length:   1st Semester

In this class, you will write, illustrate, and publish your own storybook. We will use the Pourquoi Story technique, a "How" story. 

You will answer a question like:

  • How did the skunk get its stripes? 
  • Why does the turtle have a shell? 
  • Why do stars shine?

You will then use your own creativity and imagination to explain your own version of a "How" story. 

You will illustrate your story using various fun art techniques, and we will print and bind it for you to treasure and keep.

Creative Writing

Teacher:  Andrea Ripplinger      Age:  MS/HS     Length:  1st Semester

Do you love to write or want to try it out?  Well, in this class, there's room for both kinds of students.

We'll spend 10 to 15 minutes each class to learn about various aspects of writing fiction, poetry, and even non-fiction (such as plot, character depth, world-building, audience, imagery, flow, dialogue, etc.) and look at some poetry types and fiction genres. However, most of our class time will be spent working and writing in small peer groups. These peer groups enable us to help each other brainstorm, flesh out our writings better, edit and rework things, and get over our writing hurdles.

We'll focus mainly on individual writing of stories and poetry, but we will do a little group writing as a class, too, especially when we need to jump-start our creative juices.

Let's get our imaginations going and start writing!

Family Stories

Teacher:  Tamara Zollinger       Age:  MS/HS      Length:   1st Semester

Family Stories: Writing and Illustration

This class will be a fun time to find a family story, write a story about yourself, or write a popular memory/story your family has shared over the years. Once your story is picked and written, you will then illustrate it.

Several art techniques will be taught and used to enhance your story and make it a reflection of your heritage or that of you personally.

We will write, illustrate, and publish this story for you to keep as a treasure forever.