A slower pace through Elementary Algebra by Harold Jacobs, taught according to Charlotte Mason's principles. 

We recognize that homeschoolers value flexibility in choosing the course of their education.  Thus, we offer this class as the second half of an Algebra 1 credit for any student that would benefit from a two-year course of algebra. The class is designed for a middle-school student, or Form III, but high school students are welcome.

An Algebra 1 course taught according to Charlotte Mason's principles using Elementary Algebra by Harold Jacobs.  This approach includes the introduction of "captain ideas" from great thinkers or from history to pique the interest of the students and grab their attention.  Through carefully graduated lessons, students are engaged and guided to wonder, explore, and consider concepts on their own.

This course constitutes one-half of a high school math credit.**

**Climbing Higher Math teaches students from different states and countries and is not responsible for ensuring every state's standards are met.

Course Details


Algebra 1A or equivalent (See prerequisties for Algebra 1A)


Class assignments and links will be posted in a Canvas Classroom to which students will be added.  In this environment, students have the opportunity to easily ask the teacher for help, converse with their classmates, as well as use tools to turn in assignments and re-watch lessons. The instructor will be available to answer questions, including personalized video answers to problems, as needed.

Materials Required 

  • access to a device on which to stream Zoom classes, and upload and download assignments from Canvas Classroom

    • a computer, or laptop, is suggested for using Zoom as students often need to access another classroom platform such as Desmos or Quizizz while running Zoom

    • a phone is suggested for taking pictures of assignments and uploading them 

Course Types Offered

Climbing Higher Math offers Algebra 1b taught as:

  • a live course (taught by Mrs. Tabitha) 
  • an asychronous course (guided by Mrs. Ashley) 
  • a self-paced course (supported by Mrs. Tabitha and Dr. Julie). 

You can find out more about each of the three course types below:

Algebra IB

Algebra IB

Algebra IB