A great option for students who want to progress through the material at their own pace. This option provides support for the homeschooling student while still allowing the flexibility that homeschoolers typically love.

This option is available for Algebra 1 and Geometry.

What is included in this type of course?


Access to the self-paced lessons for the entire course.  Each lesson will consist of:

  • An online component, including:
    • Quick review questions to begin the lesson

    • A few videos, usually one to three minutes in length, that will guide the student through the process of discovering and playing with the concepts being taught
    • Exploration and self-checking exercises between the videos that will enable a student to assess his or her understanding as the lesson progresses

    • A sample lesson for Algebra or Geometry can be viewed here

  • Assigned work from the textbook, to be completed and then checked for accuracy by the student or the parent.

Suggestions for Course Pacing

  • Full course: A suggested pacing guide for finishing the course in one school year is provided. This would constitute one full math credit for either Algebra 1 or Geometry. It takes 36 weeks to complete, including exam weeks.*

  • Half course: A suggested pacing guide for completing half of the course in one year (either the first or the second half) is provided. This option allows students to complete separate “streams” of math (more on our thoughts on math streams can be found in our FAQs). 

Chapter Assessments

  • PDF versions of the Chapter Assessments are provided, along with Answer Keys so that the homeschool parent can grade the assessments.

Instructor Support

  • Students always have the ability to ask questions via a message board in Canvas Classroom. This allows for a bank of previously answered questions to be accessible by all students.  

Course Details


The course fee is $150 for the entire year, due at registration.*

                *There is an additional $50 Registration Fee that is paid by each family each year, due upon course registration.


Access to the course materials will be for at least one year.

New registrations will be valid from August 6th, 2024, through December 31, 2025. 

Materials Needed

These courses were created to coordinate with Harold Jacobs's Algebra and Geometry text books. Materials needed for each course can be found on the course description pages:

**Climbing Higher Math teaches students from different states and countries and is not responsible for ensuring every state's standards are met.

Self-Paced Courses

Self-Paced Courses

Self-Paced Courses

Self-Paced Courses

Self-Paced Courses

Parent feedback

Parent Reviews

"I’m very grateful for this. My daughter is excelling with this style of learning. We have always struggled to homeschool together and this has helped immensely."

"We are thankful for the time you have put into making these videos. It is obvious that you enjoy what you do!"

"[My daughter] likes seeing her progress alongside other students. It’s nice having the flexibility of the self pacing vs the zoom so we can work around our schedule for all the kids and engage in our weekly co-op."

"It’s well organized, easy to navigate, intuitive, video explanations are clear, Desmos program is easy to use, and we enjoy Jacobs Geometry text."

"This has been a wonderful resource for my son; he has been able to go at his pace, and it is very doable for us to work through a lesson without me having to prep. I can go along with him as we learn together. If I find he did not learn a concept, we can take time to review it without being rushed, as in a class setting. My son has loved the real-world applications and bringing in science and technology to the lessons. As one who loves history, I have loved the history integration into the lessons. It has met all of my expectations. If I could have it all, having the ability to have grading for tests and exams would be very helpful, but it is not essential."

"As a parent of a student who doesn’t enjoy math, I am pleased to see that she is getting it done with very little grumbling! As a student with a mom who isn’t gifted in math, she is pleased to have a knowledgeable and encouraging teacher to support her as she works through the materials. I am impressed by the quality of the lessons and the self paced style. With a huge move coming mid-year, we knew this year would move more slowly than a standard one and this course ha been a good fit for pacing more slowly but still getting it done!"

Student Feedback

Student Reviews

"Using this course has helped me a lot with understanding and enjoying Algebra."

"You are doing an amazing job! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS COURSE! I have learned so much."

"Thank you for making it interesting and fun!"

"The videos make a lot of sense, and help me understand the concepts very easily."