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RegistrationĀ for 2024-25 courses will open on Thursday, March 28th, atĀ 9:00 am CST.


Registration Page

How to register for a class

In order to register for a class, you must create an account for your family on the Climbing Higher Math website. Creating an account automatically invoices a family Registration Fee of $50 to your account. You are only required to pay this fee if you successfully register for a course; it is not required to be paid just for creating an account, nor is it required to have a student on a waitlist for a course. There is only one family Registration Fee per family per school year, no matter how many children you enroll in our courses. 

Go ahead and create an account now if you are planning on registering for a class for the 2024-25 school year. Your account will already be created and confirmed in time to register for class as soon as registration opens on March 28th at 9:00 am CST.



Create an Account



Steps To Register

The process for registering for a class is as follows:

  1. Account - Create an account for your family on our website.
  2. Confirmation of Account Email - Wait to recieve an email from us confirming your family's account. This could take up to 24 hours depending on if we have field trips that day or not. (homeschool life, right?)
  3. Select Classes: Return to the Registration page (this page). (A link to this page will be provided in your confirmation of account email.) Select the course you would like to register your student for from our List of Courses in the table below.
    • Then, select your child's name for that course. 
    • Once you have selected his or her name, click on the gray Register button above his or her name.
    • Your student will then have a spot temporarily secured in the course you selected. (See step 4 for how to permanently secure the spot.)
    • Repeat step 3 for any other students you are registering for classes.
  4. Pay Registration Fee & Class Deposit:  Registration for courses is complete when the Registration Fee and Class Deposits have been paid. Once you have selected your child(ren)'s course(s), an invoice will be automatically generated in your account. The invoice can be found in the top right corner of your member page. The one-time family account Registration Fee and the Class Deposit for each course for which you are registering must be paid to secure your child(ren)'s spot in the course(s). 

Class Matrix

Algebra 1A Algebra 1B Algebra 1 Geometry Algebra 2/Trigonometry
Live Courses
Live Algebra 1A
7th - 9th ; 13 y/o - 16 y/o
Live Algebra 1B
8th - 10th ; 14 y/o - 17 y/o
Live Algebra 1
9th - 10th ; 14 y/o - 16 y/o
Live Geometry
10th - 11th ; 15 y/o - 17 y/o
Live Algebra 2/Trig
11th - 12th ; 15 y/o - 17 y/o
Asynchronous Courses
Asynchronous Algebra 1A
7th - 9th
Asynchronous Algebra 1b
8th - 10th
Asynchronous Algebra 1
9th - 10th
Asynchronous Geometry
10th - 11th
Self-Paced Courses
SP Algebra 1
7th - 10th
SP Geometry
9th - 11th

Class Availability

Class Availability

You can check the number of spots available in the class you would like to register for before creating an account. Simply click on the desired class in the table above to reveal class descriptions. The available spots in the class will be at the bottom of the description.


If the class you wanted to register for is full, you can request to be added to a waitlist for that class. To be added to the waitlist, follow the same steps for registering for a class as given above, but omit paying any registration fee or class deposit. These will not be required until you are added to the class.