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A great option for students who are unable to meet live, but would benefit from the accountability of progressing through a course alongside a group.

This option is available for Algebra 1a, Algebra 1b, Algebra 1, and Geometry.

These courses will utilize the lessons from our self-paced course, but will have the added benefits graded tests, additional support from an instructor, accountability, and a sense of community.

What is included with this type of course?

Weekly Assignments

These courses will assign lessons to be completed each week. Each lesson will consist of:

  • An online component, including:

    • Quick review questions to begin the lesson

    • A few videos, usually one to three minutes in length, that will guide the student through the process of discovering and playing with the concepts being taught

    • Explorations and self-checking exercises between the videos that will enable a student to assess his or her understanding as the lesson progresses

    • A sample lesson for Algebra or Geometry can be viewed here

  • Assigned work from the textbook, to be completed and then checked for accuracy by the student or the parent. This work is turned in to the teacher by submitting it in the Canvas platform throughout the week allowing the instructor to monitor the student’s progress.

Chapter Assessments 

Chapter Assessments are included at the end of each chapter. These are graded by the instructor.

Individual Help from the Instructor

In addition, students can ask the instructor questions through the Canvas platform at any time. The instructor will provide help via Canvas messaging or by making a quick video to walk through the problem.

In addition to messaging questions, students will have the opportunity each week to schedule time with an instructor during Office Hours. The office hour times will vary each week in order to provide students with differing schedules the opportunity to find a time that works.  

A Sense of Community

Completing the lessons at the same pace as a group of students will provide the student with the knowledge that he or she is not in this learning journey alone! 

  • The online lessons include the ability to view other student answers to particular questions. For example, the lesson may lead the student to think through how he or she would define a circle, or how one might find the center of a rectangular field given only a rope. Once a student answers the question, some other replies will appear, offering differing ideas for a solution.

  • The instructor will post an interactive component weekly. These posts may include fun challenges, quizzes, polls, or other posts to keep students engaged with the class and with the material.

Course Details


  • The course will run for 36 weeks, beginning in mid-August and ending in late May, with time off for Thanksgiving, Christmas Break, and Spring Break.
  • Materials for the week will be posted on Monday. The student will have the week to finish the materials and turn in lessons by Friday. 


The cost of the full-year course is $350.*

  • $150 deposit due at registration
  • The $200 balance can be paid in full by August 1st, or split into two payments of $100 each, due August 1st and January 1st.

*There is an additional $50 Registration Fee that is paid by each family each year, due upon course registration.

Materials Needed

Materials needed for each course can be found on the course description pages.

Class Size

Each class has a maximum of 30 students able to enroll in the course. The limited number of students allows for teachers to give better attention to each student in the course.

**Climbing Higher Math teaches students from different states and countries and is not responsible for ensuring every state's standards are met.


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