Soli Deo Gloria


Payment Methods

To avoid incurring any additional fees, please pay our Treasurer directly in one of the following 3 ways (listed in order of preference):

  1. Venmo: @Grace-Cowden (last for 2647) Make sure buyer protection is turned OFF so no fee is charged to us

  2. PayPal: @gracecowden (Please select Friends/Family, DO NOT select “for goods and services”)

  3. Zelle:

Please include a brief description in the subject line or notes of any of the payment forms.

After payments are received, we will go into the backend of your website account and log your payments.

Payment Schedule

Payment 1: Due by Monday April 1, 2024

$150 due after BOTH Enrollment and Class Registration have been completed. This payment covers:

  • Family Enrollment Fee ($65)

  • 1 Student Enrollment fee ($85)

*These two fees are 50% refundable by June 1st, should you decide your family will not attend SDG. 

Payment 2: Due by June 1, 2024

  • Balance of all Student Enrollment fees ($85 per student)

  • All Class Registration Fees ($25/class/student)

*These fees are refundable by July 1, 2024 should you decide your family will not attend SDG, however the SWR Class fee ($25/student) is NOT refundable as we will be printing books by this date.